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Tech Talent Pipeline Residency

Our Approach

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In partnership with the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP),  the TTP Residency at the College of Staten Island prepares students for full-time employment in software engineering roles like web development, software development, and app development.  Residents are trained in full-stack technical training professional workforce development, and receive 1:1 career coaching to connect qualified candidates to NYC tech-driven businesses looking to host summer interns or/and hire full-time emerging technology talent. We believe that everyone belongs in technology and work with employers whose corporate culture celebrate the unique contributions and experiences of all people. 

Contact Information

Sabine Salandy

TTP Program Manager

Email Sabine Salandy


Students that meet the following requirements will be considered for selection:

  1. Current Computer Science or related major
  2. In good academic standing
  3. Taken, passed, or are currently enrolled in Data Structures (CSC 326)
  4. Graduating Summer 2024 or later
  5. Personal annual income in less than $50,000
  6. Over 18 years old
  7. Have not participated in CUNY Tech Prep or a previous TTP Residency program
  8. Legally eligible to work in the US

To apply, use the link below.  Please be prepared to submit a resume, transcripts, and participate in an interview to be considered for selection. For resume assistance, contact the Center for Career and Professional Development .

The TTP application opens in mid-February to early April 2023.  Use this link to apply.  



The Tech Talent Pipeline Residency runs from June 2023 to February 2025.  Please note that the full-stack development bootcamp will take place during Summer 2023 and the internship will take place Summer 2024.

Semesters Early Spring Late Spring Summer Fall and Winter
2023 Applications Opens

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Student Selection

Bootcamp & Professional Development

1:1 Career Coaching to Secure Internship

2024 Internship Prep Internship Prep 10-12 week Internship

1:1 Career Coaching to Secure FT Employment

TTP Residents will receive a weekly stipend of $355 for participating in the full-stack technical bootcamp for 10 weeks from June to August. Our curriculum is based on feedback from our employer partners. Residents are required to complete a group capstone project at the end of the bootcamp. 

Classes and labs meet on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Tech skills include:

  • Front End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, React, Redux 
  • Back End (Servers and Databases): RESTful API, NodeJS, ExpressJS, SQL, PostgreSQL 
  • Tools:  GitHub/Git/GitHub Projects, AWS 

Residents attend professional workforce development workshops to prepare for the job application and interview process and help them transition from an academic environment to a professional environment.

Past workshops have included building technical resumes, reviewing GitHub, and LinkedIn, behavioral and technical interview practice, technical communications, team building as a developer, and more.  

Our career coach works 1:1 with each resident to secure an internship for the summer of 2024. Internships are usually 10-12 weeks in duration with an average starting rate of $20/hr for 35 hours a week. Internships are located in New York City or 100% remote if outside of NYC.   Residents who complete the internship can receive 4 credit toward graduation for CSC 598. If you are interested in getting credit please consult with your academic advisor.

Starting in the Fall of 2024, TTP Residents are required to work with the career coach 1:1 for assistance in securing a full-time job in software engineering or software development-related roles. 

How do you get your transcript?
You can find your transcript by logging into DegreewWorks using your CUNY First credentials. For further questions please contact:

I took CSC 326 over the summer at another CUNY campus and it hasn't appeared on my transcript yet. What should I do to show that I have taken it?
Contact the registrar's office at CSI ( to have your transcript updated with your CSC 326 course.

If I minor in Computer Science will I be eligible? 
Our program is set up for Computer Science majors. Exceptions may be granted for computer science minors depending on how many qualified majors are enrolled.

How long is the training program? 
The training or bootcamp phase of the program is approximately 10 weeks from the second week of June to the third week in August.

Where have past participants been selected to work? 
Past participants have had internships in a range of employers from small early stage start-ups to larger more established companies like The Clorox Company and Amex, and companies in-between.

Is training offered in person or virtually?  
With Covid restrictions being lifted we are hoping to be in person at last 3 days a week maybe more. 

Q: Will you accept an unofficial transcript?  
Yes. An unofficial transcript is fine. 

What if I’m already registered for summer classes? Can I still participate?
No. The bootcamp and internship is a full-time commitment.