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  • Security and Privacy
    • Topics: Cybersecurity ontology engineering, Integrated learning platform for Cybersecurity, Social Media-based cybersecurity learning resources
  • Data Science Research
    • Topics: Social media data analytics, Real time data analytics, Social data mining and knowledge discovery
  • Informatics
    • Topics: Digital Government, Public health monitoring, healthcare knowledge integration, Emergency Management, Environmental data management

Information Security Research and Education (NSF Sponsored Lab)

Goals: Information security, privacy and trust are critical elements in digital age. The iSecure Lab

  • conducts fundamental research on security and privacy knowledge engineering,
  • designs security and privacy models,
  • develops practical solutions and tools to information protection and risk assessments, in various application domains, and
  • trains the next generation workforce in cybersecurity and privacy.


  • Security Ontology
  • SOX: Security Ontology Editing Expert tool (link is under repair)
  • Cybersecurity Learning (SLOB)
  • Security Challenges in IoT
  • Privacy Leaking in Social Media
  • Privacy Knowledge Engineering
  • Financial Fraud Ontology
  • Privacy in healthcare
  • Privacy in High Resolution Satellite Images

Goal: The goal of Data Science research is to develop innovative and intelligent systems using advanced computational methodologies and algorithms that leverage large-scale data sets to discover knowledge, trends and patterns to provide insights and predictions for decision support. It includes big data management and advanced topics on AI, Machine Learning, data mining, data analytic methodologies and visualization, and novel and innovative applications of the data science and analytics in real-world domains.
Data Science Research Group Website


  • Privacy Leaks in Social Media
  • Social Health Data Integration and Analytics
  • Real-time Data Analytics Platform

Related Program:

Informatics research focuses on the computing and ICT (Information and Communication) Technologies to applied domain specific areas, such as government, health, business, military, disaster management, finance, security and privacy, etc. Informatics differs from computer science, data science or computer engineering because of its strong focus on the human use of computing. Some example research topics are shown below.

Digital Government

  • Goal:
  • Topics:
    • Social, open, big data for Government Transparency, Transformation and Innovations
    • Emergency resource discovery and service integration
    • Environmental Data management
    • Policy Informatics
    • Secure government data sharing


  • Goal:
  • Topics:
    • EHR, mHealth
    • Medical Informatics
    • Bodywear sensors for health monitoring and early warnings
    • Social media for healthcare


  • Goal:
  • Topics:
    • Enterprise Systems
    • Coroporate Social Responsibility
    • Privacy policy in EC
    • E-payment, Mobile Banking, ..

Student Research Projects

  • Achieving Transparency of Public Organizations through Data Visualization and Analytics
  • (Students: Chathura Athauda), 2015 Undergraduate Student Research Conference
  • Can Healthcare kickbacks be captured, by Princy Goonewardene, 2015, Term project.