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Advisement Information

  • For any course registration-related advisement, you MUST include in the email your EMPID and your tentative/desired course schedule.
    For any registration related or acadmic/career advisement, you need to contact your ISI faculty advisor. (Your CUNY First has the faculty advisor info.) 
  • For course pre-requisite waiver requests or major declaration, contact Prof. Petingi or Prof. Chun (include EMPID info)
  • For Honors projects, contact your ISI advisor
SI Major Advising Contact
Prof. Soon Chun
Prof.  Paolo Cappellari
Prof. Louis Petingi




For CUNY Course Schedule: Visit CUNY First Course Search site.

Fall 2023:

  • To be added


Declare ISI Major OR Switching to ISI Major

In order to declare ISI as your major, please send an email message to ISI faculty with:

  • your intention to declare ISI as your major,
  • your FULL NAME,
  • your EMPLID,
  • your CSI EMAIL ADDRESS, and

You need to have at least 2.2 GPA at the time of enrolling to the ISI Major. (Reminder: All ISI majors should maintain 2.5 GPA to graduate with the degree in ISI.)

Transfer Students

For a transfer credits, consult the credit transfer tool available at CUNY First. See instructions available at the cuny registrar office.

There are variety of ways we recognize outstanding students. Students can be eligible for the Honors in ISI Major, and for the Dean's List. The following shows some major eligibility criteria used for selecting:

  • Honors in ISI
  • The Faculty Award
  • Annual Dean's List.

Honors in ISI Major
Students may graduate with honors in ISI Major. This award is applicable for only graduating seniors. The eligible students are expected to meet the standards for honors in overall academic performance, and the final selection will be based on the faculty recommendation on some of these eligible students.

To receive Honors in Information Systems and Informatics, a student must:

This last requirement is the heart of the honors program, for each student must work closely with a faculty member (as mentor or project adviser) to define the project, carry out the research and investigation, and write the final report or prepare the final project. Students may receive credit through independent study for their work on an honors project. The projects must be accepted by the department.

Students who successfully complete these requirements will receive the notation on their transcript that they have graduated with honors in their field of study.

Honors Requirements: Undergraduates who meet the above Honors qualifications will receive the associate's or bachelor's degree summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude as follows:

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.90: summa cum laude
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.75: magna cum laude
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.50: cum laude.

Honors students may also have the opportunity to submit their research to Get Down to Business, the School of Business student publication. Departmental Honors students work closely with a faculty member to define a project, carry out research, write a final report and develop their presentation. Guidelines for Honors papers can be found in here.

The distinction of Departmental Honors would be a great way to strengthen your resume and make yourself more attractive to potential employers and graduate schools.

Deadline: Contact Prof. Chun by the first week of November (this deadline is subject to change), to confirm your eligibility and discuss this opportunity further.

ISI Research Excellence Award
Each year, a faculty-nominated student will be selected for a cash award at their graduation. The nomination and selection criteria include not only their academic excellence, but also their significant contributions to the faculty research, projects, and activities that may have meaningful impacts on the larger community and society. This award was established as the ISI faculty Award in 2019, and renamed to ISI Professor Soon Chun Award in 2021.

Eligibility: Only ISI major students in the Concentration One area are eligible for this award.

Dean's List
The Dean's List is based only on performance in a single academic year (retroactively), but can be earned multiple times throughout an undergraduate career. For eligibility, contact the main office in the School of Business.

Career Opportunities

  • Google Internships
  • Peoplesoft Training Program
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Potential Careers for ISI Graduates

Where ISI Graduates have been Employed

  • Mediterranean Shipping Co., Hunter College,
  • more ...