The mission of the College of Staten Island’s Modern Languages Media Center is to support and promote the study and instruction of foreign languages, literatures and cultures through the integration of instructional technology for both student and faculty use.



Contact Information

Building 2S, Room 114
Phone : 718.982.3711
Fax : 718.982.3712

Lab Hours

Mon: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tue: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thu: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Our Services:

The Media Center also provides our language students support with their online homework. If there is an issue that is out of our hands, the center staff will be able to direct our students to the appropriate support channel.

A tutor is capable of assisting students with any corrections to their online homework but only after an attempt has been made by the student beforehand. In addition, tutors assigned for upper level courses can assist with essay corrections, but only after the essay has been first corrected by their professors.

Materials such as textbooks, workbooks, DVDs, Webcams are available to all students enrolled in a language course. In order to check out these materials, a proper picture ID must be presented and held onto by our lab staff until the materials have been checked back in. The materials themselves cannot leave the center but can be utilized for however long while in the lab.

About Us


Valeria Belmonti, Director
Biography: Valeria received an M.A. in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University concentrating her studies in Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Her thesis surveyed the use of web and mobile technology to enhance the teaching of intercultural competence within undergraduate language education, particularly through the use of telecollaboration. She has presented telecollaboration projects, models and frameworks at numerous national and international conferences, and she has directed the design and pilot of telecollaboration projects at the Center for Integrated Language Communities, one of the National Language Resource Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education through Title IV grants. She holds various ACTFL certifications and has also completed coursework at the Intercultural Communication Institute of America (ICI).


Melvin Dejesus, College Lab Technician
Biography: I have worked at the Media Center for a long time and started here as a workstudy. I enjoy learning new languages and interacting with people from all over the world. I can speak some Spanish and Japanese, which helped me while I lived in Tokyo.

Lab Assistants

Lab Assistants

Razza | College Assistant:


Biography: Coming soon....



Roberta | College Assistant:

Biography: Coming soon....


Anoushka | French Tutor:
Biography: I am a Chemistry major at CSI and I am the French tutor. I love soccer, fashion and good food. I am interested in science and languages, therefore, I wish to use my language skill in my field one day.
I consider the fact of being trilingual as a blessing especially in today's world. I try as best as I can to share my passion for languages with all the students that I meet. We live in a multicultural society and knowing a little of everything is necessary.

Chenjing | Chinese Tutor:
Biography: Ni hao! My name is ChenJing Jiang (you can call me Chen) and I am one of the Chinese tutors at the Media Center. I am also a junior at the College of Staten Island and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I was raised in Fuzhou, China and moved to the United States with my family at the age of twelve. During my free time, I like to cook Chinese food, hang out with my friends and travel around the world. As a native Chinese speaker, I am passionate about Chinese culture. I would like to share my culture with you and that is why I became a Chinese tutor.

Gaia | Italian / Latin Tutor:
Biography: I am from Rome, Italy. I am an Astrophysics major and I work as an Italian and Latin tutor. I love traveling and science. I am currently part of an Astrophysics fellowship at the American Museum of Natural History.
I feel that teaching Italian and Latin is a way for me to preserve my culture and transmit my passion for it to others. My favorite quote is "per aspera ad astra", which in Latin means, "through hardships to the stars."

Lie | Chinese Tutor:
Biography: My name is Lie Liu and I am from a beautiful city called PanJin which is located in the North of China. I got my Bachelor’s Degree as well in China. My major at CSI is Education. I am the Chinese tutor at the Modern Languages Media Center and I love this job because it allows me to interact and help people when they need the support.

Margarita | Spanish Tutor:
Biography:!Hola¡ I am a Spanish major and I'm trying to pursue a career in the Education field. One of the things that I enjoy is learning different languages; because of this passion of mine, I have some knowledge about the Asian culture. I see language as a very powerful source for everyone around the world. We can all learn about different cultures and the delicious meals that each country can bring to us! I hope that I get a chance to meet some of you and help you with any problems that you may face this semester.

Maria | Italian Tutor:
Biography: Hi, my name is Mariella. I'm majoring in Italian Studies and I'm currently tutoring Italian at CSI. I was born and raised in southern Italy. My husband and I have three wonderful children and we are doing our best in raising them to be bilingual. My objective is to become a high school teacher. I'm an avid reader, and although I enjoy various genres, thrillers, crime and dramas are my favorites.

Roberta | Italian Tutor:
Biography:My name is Roberta and I am from Palermo, Sicily. I am an Italian Tutor here at the College of Staten Island, and I am an English Writing major, with a minor in Italian. After graduation, I plan on becoming a High School English Teacher, and a part time Italian College Professor.

Oscar | Spanish Tutor:
Biography: Hola. My name is Oscar and I am from Lima, Peru. I am a Spanish Tutor here at the College of Staten Island, and my major is Spanish with a minor in Latin American, Caribbean and Latina/o Studies. I am currently enrolled in the program of Education because I am pursuing a career as a high school Spanish professor.I enjoy working as a tutor and am always willing to help students. I consider being able to speak English and Spanish a blessing because it brings you more opportunities to succeed. I love being Latino and I am proud of my heritage and culture.

Student Experiences

Being a student learner at the tutoring center has been a great experience. The tutors are friendly and very helpful in any subject language that you need assistance with. My skills have greatly sharpened from coming to the tutoring center and I’m very grateful of the help I received. I have been a student of Italian language and received my minor. I still continue to go to the center for new languages. I always enjoy coming for tutoring and other helpful tools to practice language.  -Nazar, Student of Italian, SP2017

I am a senior at the College of Staten Island. I have been going to the Language tutoring Lab for French since the fall of 2015. The tutors I worked with have always been helpful and obligated by personal will to want to see me succeed. Whenever I feel apprehension with any area in French, I can go to the tutor and receive mentoring/tutoring in ways that to improve my general French. The tutor encourages me to strive limitlessly and the educational relationship we have had helped me to achieve all "A"s in my French courses thus far. -Ikim, Student of French, SP2017

If it wasn't for The Modern Languages Media Center's tutoring, I would have been behind in my Spanish classes. Learning a new language at an older age is always a challenge. Therefore, I took advantage of this facility the minute I found out I had to fulfil a foreign language requirement for my degree. I was always ahead of my peers and always ready to participate. For that reason, I always stood out and exceled in all my exams and assignments. -Tugba, Student of Spanish, SP2017

I went to the Modern Languages Media Center many times because I needed help with Spanish. The language tutoring center is a great place for people who need help with languages and the tutors there are amazing because they help you so that you can do well in all of your language classes. I received help in Spanish from Spanish tutors who want you to do well in classes and are willing to help if necessary. -Bella, Student of Spanish, SP2017

The MLMC has helped me a lot during the semester. When I came here the first day, I did not know anything about the new language. Then the tutor came and helped me out and because of her help, I was able to pass with a good grade in my class. I was also able to become friends with the tutor while studying and practicing. Overall, I had a great semester and hope to have a better one next time.-Mohammad, Student of Chinese, SP2017

The MLMC has helped me out a lot this semester, more than what a typical tutoring center has done for me. YingJin has helped me out a lot from basic sentences, stroke order and pronunciation which in return helped me to achieve the highest grade overall that I could within the class.-Demetry, Student of Chinese, SP2017