World Languages and Literatures

Dear students of World Languages,

If you find the department office closed, we will be able to address your inquiries via phone or via email. For matters pertaining to your particular language class please contact the coordinator of your language program listed on the side of this page. For general student questions email or or call 718.982.3700 during business hours.

Information about placement exams can be found at this page: Fast Track Placement Examination Page

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World Languages and Literatures Department Overview

The Department of World Languages and Literatures prepares students to flourish in our diverse city and interconnected world. Students who have majored in Italian and Spanish have gone on to successful careers, and they have been accepted at top Schools and PhD programs. We encourage all students to minor in a second language. Language skills and cultural competence provide the leading edge in the job market and advance intellectual and personal growth.

What are some obtainable jobs with World Languages and Literatures degrees?

  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Export/Import
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Industry
  • Shipping
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Airlines
  • Banking
  • Diplomacy
  • Communications
  • Interpreting
  • Journalism
  • Telecommunications

Belmonti, Valeria
Director of the Media Center
Building 2S, Room 114
Phone:  718.982.3711

DeJesus, Melvin
Assistant Director of the Media Center
Building 2S, Room 114
Phone:  718.982.3711

Martucci, Karen
College Assistant
Building 2S, Room 109
Phone:  718.982.3700

Moy, Wendy
CUNY Admin. Assistant
Building 2S, Room 109
Phone:  718.982.3700

Abouelkhair, Hager
Ammavuta, Giuliana
Badr, Mohamed
Burbano, Jose
Caputi, Chiara
Carter, Anna
Cheng, April (Substitute Lecturer)
Corona, Maria
Cutolo, Benedetta
Daily, Jennifer
Dong, Xiaoling
Escamilla Frias, Luis
Escobar Gomez, Armando
Forlano, Rosanna
Gambino Tranchina, Paola
Garves, Yasmin
Gaspard-Metellus, Pascatrick
Guedj, Pauline
Lai, Tinny
Martinez Meraz, Antonio
Mashaal, Mohamed
Masilowsky, Bianca
Mendoza Perez, Ernesto
Miranda, Raul
Pasten Lopez, Ignacio
Ponti, Michele
Pucciarelli Miller, Alexandria
Ribot, Yurien
Rodriguez Ibarra, Gema
Roveccio, Laura
Saborido, Juan
Salvati, Mara
Sciortino, Maria
Stelmach, Spencer
Toullec, Morgane
Toure, Oumar
Varriano, Colomba
Watkins, Valbona
Weiner, Marisol
Wohlstetter, Jessica
Zavaglia, Alessandra
CSI Modern Languages Media Center

Modern Languages Media Center

The mission of the Modern Languages Media Center is to facilitate the integration of instructional technology into foreign language courses.

Français @ CUNY


Français @ CUNY is a French language education site to foster exchanges among French-language CUNY faculty across campuses.

English/World Languages and Literature Building
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contacts

Department Chair

Sarah Pollack

Building 2S, Room 109
Email Sarah Pollack

Coordinator of American Sign Language

Russel Rosen

Building 2S, Room 117A
Email Russel Rosen

Coordinator of Arabic

Jeanne-Rachel Leroux

Building 2S, Room 101
Email Jeanne-Rachel Leroux

Coordinator of Chinese

Chao Li

Building 2S, Room 111
Email Chao Li

Coordinator of French

Jeanne-Rachel Leroux

Building 2S, Room 101
Email Jeanne-Rachel Leroux

Co-Cordinator of Italian

Paola Ureni

Building 2S, Room 106
Email Paola Ureni

Co-Cordinator Italian

Chiara Ferrari

Building 2S-103
Email Chiara Ferrari

Coordinator of Latin

Gerry Milligan

Building 2S, Room 102
Email Gerry Milligan

Coordinator of Spanish

Lucas Marchante Aragon

Building 2S, Room 119
Email Lucas Marchante Aragon