Special Announcement

Dear students of World Languages,
The department is closed but is addressing students’ inquiries via phone and via email. For matters pertaining to your particular language class please contact the coordinator of your language program listed on the side of this page. For general student questions email sarah.pollack@csi.cuny.edu and graceann.rispoli@csi.cuny.edu, or leave a message at 718-982-3700 and someone will respond to you in a timely manner during business hours.

We appreciate your patience during this transitional time.

World Languages and Literatures Department Overview

The Department of World Languages and Literatures prepares students to flourish in our diverse city and interconnected world. Students who have majored in Italian and Spanish have gone on to successful careers, and they have been accepted at top Schools and PhD programs. We encourage all students to minor in a second language. Language skills and cultural competence provide the leading edge in the job market and advance intellectual and personal growth.


What are some obtainable jobs with World Languages and Literatures degrees?
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Export/Import
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Industry
  • Shipping
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Airlines
  • Banking
  • Diplomacy
  • Communications
  • Interpreting
  • Journalism
  • Telecommunications
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World Languages and Literatures Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty


Belmonti, Valeria
Director of the Media Center
Building 2S, Room 114
Phone:  718.982.3711

DeJesus, Melvin
Assistant Director of the Media Center
Building 2S, Room 114
Phone:  718.982.3711

Rispoli, GraceAnn
Cuny Administrative Assistant
Building 2S, Room 109
Phone:  718.982.3700

Martucci, Karen
College Assistant
Building 2S, Room 109
Phone:  718.982.3700


Adjunct Faculty

  • Carlos Abad
  • Hager Abouelkhair
  • Sergio Alves
  • Giuliana Ammavuta
  • Mohamed Badr
  • Jose Burbano
  • Anna Carter
  • Laura Cassarino
  • Maria Corona
  • John DeLisa
  • Xiaoling Dong
  • Alfonso Felix
  • Rosanna Forlano
  • Paola Gambino
  • Claudia Geller
  • Pauline Geudj
  • James Guido
  • Roa Harizi
  • Gema Ibarra
  • Tinny Lai
  • Solmaz Lee
  • Blerina Likollari
  • Yu-Tsui Lin
  • Daniele Mariottini
  • Antonio Martinez-Meraz
  • Mohamed Mashaal
  • Bianca Masilowsky
  • Elizabeth McNelis
  • Raul Miranda
  • Stephen Ogumah
  • Marinetta Paone
  • Lorena Paz Lopez
  • Jeffrey Peer
  • Maria Porcell
  • Alexandria Pucciarelli
  • Yurien Ribot
  • Juan Saborido
  • Mara Salvati
  • Linda Scheer
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Cynthia Soto Santiago
  • Spencer Stelmach
  • Colomba Varriano
  • Viana Vassallo
  • Dani Venditti
  • Katina White
  • Jessica Wohlstetter
  • Alessandra Zavaglia
  • Valbona Zylo-Watkins

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Modern Languages Facilties

English/World Languages and Literature Building
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contacts

Lucas Marchante-Aragon
Department Chair
Phone : 718.982.3700
Contact Via Email
Russel Rosen
Coordinator of American Sign Language
Phone : 718.982.3700
Contact Via Email
Sarah Pollack
Coordinator of Arabic
Phone : 718.982.37002
Contact Via Email
Jean Tsui
Coordinator of Chinese
Phone : 718.982.3709
Contact Via Email
Jeanne-Rachel Leroux
Coordinator of French
Phone : 718.982.3883
Contact Via Email
Paola Ureni
Coordinator of Italian
Phone : 718.982.3707
Contact Via Email
Gerry Milligan
Coordinator of Latin
Phone : 718.982.3703
Contact Via Email
Nuria Morgado
Coordinator of Spanish
Phone : 718.982.3706
Contact Via Email