The language lab is closed as we prepare to launch online tutoring services. We will share here the details on our online services as soon as they are finalized.


The Media Center strictly follows the rules set forth by the College of Staten Island and the Department of World Languages. We expect all students to adhere to the following:

Signing In and Out

  • With the exceptions of oral exams, students are required to sign in and out at the login station using their Cuny First/Empl ID every time they visit the Media Center. A working SLAS account is required to loin and logout of the center computers. Students who do not have a SLAS account will not be able to use the lab.

Using the Computers

  • Computers are available for language-related work only. We reserve the right to ask students to leave if using computers for personal use or for work in other disciplines. Students will not destroy or mishandle our computers. All standard CUNY policies regarding the use of computers must be followed. It is students' responsibility to leave the computers exactly as found.

Using the Printer

  • All students using the lab computers share one printer. Only language related work can be printed from the lab printer. There is a 5 page print limit per job. If you need to print more than 5 pages, please ask a staff member for assistance before printing.

Library Voice

  • A library voice is expected by all students in the lab. Please don't let your noise level disturb others working in the lab. If someone's noise level is disturbing, please promptly contact the lab Directors or College Assistants. We reserve the right to ask students disturbing the activities of the lab to leave. REMEMBER: MANY STUDENTS COMPLETE ORAL RECORDINGS FROM THE LAB COMPUTERS. Also be advised to put your cell phone in silent mode and leave the room to answer cell phone calls. The lab is not a hangout space. For social gatherings, please use the lounge at the entrance of the building. We reserve the right to ask students meeting at the lab for non-academic purposes to leave.