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Student Observation Requirements Sequence 2

Graduate Fieldwork/Student Observation Requirements

Graduate Program in Special Education Adolescence Generalist, Sequence 2

All students in the Master’s degree program for special education – Sequence 2, must complete a minimum of 200 hours of fieldwork/observation.  These hours must be completed prior to student teaching.  The state requires that a student be exposed to various settings while observing.  Therefore, you must have observations in the following areas: at least 50 hours in a Title One school - one that has more than 60% of its students receiving free lunch; and at least 10 hours observing classrooms with English Language Learners.

Adolescence candidates must do at least 50 hours in intermediate school and 50 in high school. 

All of the core courses in the sequence 2 program have observation hours attached to them.  Please be aware of the number of hours required when you register, since you need to consider these as part of your workload for the course. All fieldwork hours must be complete prior to student teaching. When applying for the Internship Certificate 100 hours must be completed.

If you are presently teaching or are a substitute you may observe in your school but not in your own class.  You need to observe a colleague.  Paraprofessionals may observe in their class as long as it is at the appropriate developmental level.

At the beginning of each semester a letter of introduction along with a time sheet will be given to each student.  This letter is to be taken to the school when you observe and the time sheet is to be signed by the classroom teacher you are observing.  Your class will be assigned a partner school host site for fieldwork.  These are schools with which we have strong relationships.  You will be expected to attend that school. Any exceptions must be discussed in advance with the Director of Fieldwork.  Once assigned to a school, it is your responsibility (unless your professor made other arrangements) to email the contact person and arrange a schedule, usually after the first two weeks of the semester.

Completed timesheets should be turned in to the purple box under the mailboxes in 208. 
The courses that include fieldwork/observation hours for candidates in the Special Education Adolescence Generalist (Sequence 2) program are:

Core Courses
EDD 602 – 10 hours
EDD 610 – 20 hours
EDM 605 – 15 hours
EDM 606 – 15 hours
EDM 607 – 15 hours

Advanced Courses
EDP 612 – 20 hours
EDP 622 – 20 hours
EDP 626 – 20 hours
EDP 646 – 20 hours
EDP 647 – 20 hours