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Student/Research Practica

Student/Research Practica are projects conducted by undergraduate and/or graduate students gaining experience in research methods (e.g., survey, interview, etc.) during a particular course. The Faculty Advisor, usually the course instructor, takes full responsibility for all practica activities.

Practica are NOT research conducted to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge and are therefore, not subject to IRB review. Refer to CUNY HRPP Guidance: When is CUNY HRPP or IRB Review Required?

Additional Elements of Practica:

  • Project is not funded
  • Project will not be used as a thesis (honors, graduate or doctoral)
  • Project will not be presented at a professional meeting (including a CUNY or CSI conference)
  • Project will not be published
  • Project presents no more than minimal risk to participants
  • Project will not include collection of information regarding: illegal activities; information that could cause emotional distress to participants or information which would place the Student Investigator or participant at risk
  • Project will not use or disclose health-related information
  • Project will not include the use of information which would put the participant at risk if confidentiality were breached
  • Project data will not be used as pilot data
  • Project data is recorded anonymously by the Student Investigator (i.e., no images, audio, video, names, social security numbers or any other codes that can be linked to a list of names)
  • Student Investigator and Faculty Advisor (Course Instructor) have current CITI Human Subjects Research Protection Training