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Undergraduate Research Conference

The College of Staten Island hosts an annual Undergraduate Research Conference each Spring semester. Students who intend on showcasing their project involving humans as subjects  must complete an IRB application for approval via  IDEATE prior to beginning their study.

In some situations a student has no intention of submitting a project to the Undergraduate Research Conference; however, when they submit the project to their professor as part of their course work (Student Practica) their professor encourages them to consider submission to the Conference. In order for such projects involving humans as subjects to be eligible for submission to the Conference, the following must apply:

  • There is no funding involved;
  • The project is not being used as an undergraduate, honors, graduate, doctoral, or any other type of thesis;
  • Data has been recorded anonymously by the students (that is, with no names, social security numbers, or any other codes that can be linked to a list of names);
  • The initial intent of the project was to conduct the work as part of a course assignment (educational purposes), not an independent project intended to contribute to generalizable knowledge through presentation or publication;
  • The student and faculty advisor have completed CITI Human Subjects Training;
  • There is no more than minimal risk; and


If the project involves human subjects research and did not receive UI-IRB approval via the CSI HRPP, it is not considered eligible for submission to the CSI Undergraduate Research Conference.

If any doubts exist concerning the classification of a project or if there are any questions, students and faculty advisors are advised to contact the CSI HRPP Office at 718-982-5420.