As a Verrazano student, you participate in Verrazano Extracurricular Learning Activities (VELAs) that enrich your undergraduate experience through academic, social, and cultural learning opportunities outside the classroom.  VELAs expose you to new ideas and opportunities outside of your majors and encourage broader interests and exploration.  VELAs can help you connect with opportunities on and off campus and become more fully engaged in their CSI college experience. 

You are required to attend at least two VELAs each academic year for a minimum total of eight prior to graduation.  In the year of graduation, January graduates must fulfill the VELA requirement by October 1st and June and August graduates must fulfill the VELA requirement by February 1st.

All VELAs are posted on the Verrazano page of the EventBrite website:

Students must register for VELA events using the EventBrite site. 

To receive VELA credit, you must sign the VELA attendance sheet (or CLUE attendance sheet where applicable) and fulfill any other requirements of the event as noted on the VELA event posting. 

Alternate VELA opportunities

From time to time, you may see an event that is not on our list of VELA opportunities, and you would like to propose that you be permitted to count it toward your VELA requirements. In this case, send a description of the event to Cheryl to have it preapproved. If approved, attend the event, then complete the Alternate VELA Form and submit it within a week of the event.

Failure to fulfill the VELA requirement each year will result in dismissal from The Verrazano School.