All Verrazano students must complete a Capstone Project to graduate with Verrazano Honors. You work closely with a professor to create a scholarly or otherwise significant project that builds on your knowledge and interest in a field, or fields, of study. Every field is different, so there is not a singular definition for the Capstone. Many students write a long, scholarly essay in their major, but you are permitted to do creative or multimedia projects as well. The departmental thesis/project associated with honors in the major will fulfill the Verrazano capstone project requirement; if you are eligible to complete honors in the major are strongly encouraged to do so (to learn about departmental honors in your major, visit the section listing your major requirements in the College Catalog and then speak with a full-time faculty member in that department).

Steps to Completing the Verrazano Capstone Experience

  1. We encourage you to enroll in HON 301 in the junior year to prepare you for capstone work. This course serves to develop the core skills necessary to conduct independent research in any discipline, write original research proposals, and communicate research results to a general audience.
  2. Identify a full-time faculty member who is willing to supervise/advise your Verrazano Capstone project. The mentor must be in a discipline related to the subject matter of the Capstone. You are eligible to complete a capstone project in any discipline—it need not be in your major.
  3. Submit a proposal for the work to be done signed by, and under the guidance of, your faculty mentor by the deadlines posted below. The proposal must include this Capstone Proposal Form.
  4. Complete Capstone work during your junior and senior years.
  5. Submit abstract to Undergraduate Conference on Research, Performance, and Scholarship in March.
  6. Present Capstone work at the Undergraduate Conference (or approved substitute) during the junior or senior year. This event takes place in late April or early May each year.
  7. Submit a 1-2 page blog, with photos, about what you learned through the process of developing and completing your project and how you envision that the project could be developed further if you continued to pursue this work.
  8. Submit a written scholarly paper documenting the context, methods, and results of Capstone work by the deadline below. Follow these Capstone Expectations and Guidelines. The project must be accompanied by this Capstone Submission Form.


The Capstone experience should typically be completed in the junior or senior years. Students who have clinicals, student teaching, or other commitments during their last semester should make arrangements to complete the capstone prior to their last semester, and ask well in advance for time off to present at the conference.

Semester of Graduation Proposal Due Final Project and Reflection Due

Fall (January)

April 15th of the year before graduation
(junior spring)

November 15th of the semester of graduation

Spring/Summer (June/August)

September 15th of the semester before graduation (senior fall)

April 15th of the semester of graduation