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Accepted Transfers

Congratulations!  As a newly accepted student to The Verrazzano School at the College of Staten Island, please note the following important information.  

Things to Do

Submit Your Acceptance Paperwork

In your acceptance email, there were links to acceptance materials that you needed to download, complete, then submit to drop box. If you cannot locate that email, please contact Cynthia Palumbo to have it resent.

Attend Verrazzano Kick Off

We offer new students transferring into the program the opportunity to attend part of the freshman orientation that involves team building and getting to know your fellow students. This is tentatively schedule for June 30, from 1 - 4. Freshman will be attending all day--you would just come for the afternoon! We will follow up with details.

Attend Verrazzano Orientation
All new Verrazzano students must attend a Verrazzano Orientation in the fall. Date TBA. Details will follow.

Register for Verrazzano Classes
All Verrazzano students must complete at least three Verrazzano honors courses before they graduate. Review the list of courses offered by Verrazzano for the fall term and determine if you can change your schedule to include one of those honors sections. Contact Cheryl to determine how you will meet this requirement.