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Program Requirements / Eligibility

Who is Eligible?

The CSTEP Program is designed for New York State residents, including permanent resident who must be full-time students and have good academic standing; which includes a 2.9 grade point average and enrollment in an approved scientific, technical, heath-related, pre-professional or professional undergraduate or graduate program of study at the College of Staten Island. Students must be of African descent, Latino, Native American/Alaskan Native decent or economically disadvantage (based on criteria established by New York State.) Students enrolled in State-funded opportunity programs (LSAMP, HEOP, EOP, SEEK, or CUNY BMI) are also eligible to participate in the CSTEP program.

Program Requirements

CSTEP students must:

  • Download Program Application
  • Submit completed application to CSTEP Office and schedule an appointment with Program Coordinator at; 718.982.2571
  • Sign and adhere to all terms in the CSTEP Student Agreement
  • All students are to complete a research project upon graduation.  Students are required to present their work at CSTEP’S Statewide Student Conference, CSTEP Regional conference, The College of Staten Island Undergraduate Conference, CSTEP’S Annual Scientific Cultural EXPO as well as participate in various Scientific Competitions. In addition students will forfeit stipend if the Research Abstract is not submitted before the fall and spring due dates.
  • Graduate Students and Ph.D. Candidates are required to mentor and help prepare undergraduates for Science Competitions
  • All Students must commit to attending eight (8) monthly CSTEP workshops
  • Download Program Activity Calendar
  • Participate in tutoring if average falls below 2.9
  • Respect peers and all CSI Office Personnel