Veteran Promise Program

CSI Veteran Promise Program 

If you're thinking of joining the US Armed Forces after finishing high school, but also have plans to obtain a college degree, there are options available for you. 

The Veterans Promise Program provides guaranteed enrollment after the first term of enlistment for those who enter the US Armed Forces after completing high school.  



To be eligible, students must have: 

  • Graduated high school in the year 2023 or later and have enlisted in the United States military's Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve forces.  
  • Accepted into CSI before enlisting and enroll in CSI after their first term of military service. 
  • Any student whose military service is extended involuntarily will not be penalized, and those who forfeit their guaranteed admission can still apply to CSI through the traditional application process. 
  • Students with an Honorable or Medical discharge from the military are also eligible. 

While guaranteed admission to CSI is ensured, admission into a specific school or program is not guaranteed. 


Next Steps 

Please email us at to indicate your interest in the Veteran Promise Program or if you have any questions. 

Over the course of your enlistment, a member of the Veterans Support Services team will stay in contact with you. You will be encouraged to continue your education and will receive guidance along the way. 

Towards the end of your enlistment, they will assist you with choosing a major and the onboarding processes. 


Change of Plans? 

The Veteran Promise program acknowledges that circumstances may alter one's plans. If a person is accepted into the program and chooses not to enroll at CSI after enlisting, they will not face any penalties or financial obligations.