Visiting Students

Visiting Students
(Non-matriculated Status)

Non-matriculated (non-degree) students are those who are enrolled for credit bearing courses but who are not officially registered in a degree program. Credits earned as a non-matriculated student may later be transferred to a degree program.

CSI provides a wide variety of course offerings for students who may wish to accelerate completion of their degree programs, lighten their course loads during the academic year, or pursue career or personal interests. There are different categories of non-matriculated status. Please select the category that best suits your needs.

CUNY Visiting Permit Students
(Undergraduate & Graduate)

For students who are visiting from another CUNY college with permission from their home institution.

Through e-Permit, students can file an online request and it will be processed online. Students are kept informed of the progress of their permit request throughout the approval process. If a request is rejected, a student will be notified electronically of the reason for the disapproval.

To access e-Permit, students should go to the CUNY homepage and click the "Log In" button at the right. Once on the University Home Page, students initially will have to register for a Portal ID and Password, by clicking on "Register" and following the directions. Once registered and logged in, students will find themselves on their own "My Page," that has a link to the e-Permit system prominently displayed.

Please contact your school's Registrar's Office for more assistance.

Undergraduate Non-CUNY Visiting Permit Students

For students who are visiting from a Non-CUNY college with permission from their home institution.  Please complete a Visiting Student Application via our Registrar's Office.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Students
(For those who simply want to take credit bearing course)

For students who are NOT enrolled in a degree program elsewhere and do NOT intend to apply for a degree program at CSI at this time.  Please complete a Non-Degree Application via our Registrar's Office.

Graduate Visiting Students

Students in attendance at colleges other than a CUNY college may enroll as visiting students. They must submit an official letter certifying that they are in good academic standing at their home college and have permission to take course work at CSI.

A selected number of courses in participating programs/departments are available for students who wish to take courses for personal or professional reasons, without intending to pursue a degree. Not all graduate courses are open to non-degree students. For some courses, non-degree students must have permission to enroll before registration.  Please visit the Graduate Admissions webpage for the application and instructions.