General application for all graduate programs:

All supporting documents (e.g. official transcripts, recommendations, personal statement, etc.) can be emailed to

Visiting/ Non-Degree Graduate Student

Students enrolled in another college may enroll as visiting non-matriculated student if they are in good academic standing at their home college and have permission to take courses at CSI. In addition, a select number of courses in participating programs / departments are available for students who wish to take courses for personal or professional reasons, without intending to pursue a degree. Not all graduate courses are open to non-matriculated students.


Returning Graduate Student

Graduate students who do not register for a semester and then decide to return in a subsequent semester, and who have not maintained their matriculated status, must apply for readmission.  Students who were admitted to a graduate program within the last year but did not attend may use this form to request reactivation of their admission.


* All paper applications/forms must be submitted to:

Office of Recruitment and Admissions
College of Staten Island
North Administration Building (2A), Room 103
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island, NY 10314
Attn: Graduate Admission