Office of Public Safety

Public Safety Director’s Message

Welcome to the College of Staten Island Office of Public Safety web page and thanks for visiting. We have set up this site to provide important information about our department and to share pertinent information about safety on Campus.    

The CSI campus is a thriving living-learning community comprised of over 10,000 students, 1,900 faculty and staff, and hundreds of guests.  The Public Safety Department strives to maintain a safe and secure environment through the use of best practices and available technology.


Contact Information

Michael Lederhandler


Building 2A, Room 108
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We seek support and input from our community members to adapt our approach to safety and the needs of all who attend classes, work, visit and live on Campus. Our goal is to provide a safe campus for the College community by collaborating with all stakeholders to continuously modify our approach to safety and security.  Creating a secure campus is a College-wide endeavor that requires the cooperation and support of all members of our community. 

The mission of the Office of Public Safety is to enhance the quality of campus life by providing a safe and secure environment for our College community.  We strive to maintain an environment in which the primary educational mission of the College can be realized.

The Office of Public Safety shall excel in addressing both quality of life issues and the perception of dangerous conditions on our campus. This vision will be accomplished through improved security technology and employing contemporary public safety strategies within the highest standards of the campus law enforcement profession. Departmental leadership shall focus on creating a campus environment that addresses safety in full partnership with all campus members and the local community.

Core Values
The Office of Public Safety is “customer service” oriented. The manner and delivery of our services directly impacts the entire campus community. Members of the Department are committed to providing services with the highest degree of integrity, concern and respect for individual rights.

General Information and Services

Find the hours of operation for the college, and some of the services provided through the Office of Public Safety

The College of Staten Island is open from 6 am until 12 midnight.

When the College is closed, access to the campus may be obtained through the main gate at Victory Boulevard.  Please stop at the main gate and show your College ID, and advise the Campus Peace Officer of your destination. 

Please notify the Office of Public Safety at Ext. 2111 when you are leaving campus.  These procedures serve to alert the Public Safety staff of your presence on campus and are intended for your safety.

To ensure additional safety after dark, during evening classes, the Office of Public Safety provides uniformed escorts to parking lots, buildings, classrooms, and public transportation facilities.  Anyone wishing to use the escort service should: 

Use any lobby phone and call ext. 2116 or from your cell phone dial 718-982-2116.

Provide the Public Safety Office with your location and the destination of your requested escort.

Found property can be turned over to any uniformed officer or brought into the Office of Public Safety in Building 2A, Room 108. 

Inquiries about lost property should be made at the Office of Public Safety or by phone, ext. 2116.  All lost articles will be kept for a period of at least 60 days.

At the end of the 60 day period, if ownership cannot be established, and the article is unclaimed, it may be claimed by the finder of the article.  Useful articles of clothing left unclaimed will be donated to local charitable organizations. 

Keys are distributed to faculty and staff by the Office of Public Safety in 2-A, Rm. 108 during normal business hours. Faculty and staff must have a letter signed by their department chairperson indicating what keys are authorized. There is a $3.00 charge for the replacement of each lost key. For more information on keys send an email to

On Campus there are many areas that are inaccessible to cars, but are well suited for bicycles and Segways®. These units are composed of specially trained officers who have received certification from the International Police Mountain Bicycle Association (IPMBA) and Segway®. These officers received training in patrol tactics, equipment maintenance, safety, physical fitness, legal issues and operational laws.

Parking Info and Automobile Assistance

Information on parking when on campus, and how to get help with your car.

The Office of Public Safety will provide assistance to individuals on campus who experience certain automobile problems such as a lockout, flat tire, or dead battery.

Individuals will be required to sign a waiver of liability form before any automobile assistance is provided.

Call extension 2116 for assistance.

Faculty and staff who wish to gain access to the Faculty/Staff parking lots are required to have a new Dolphin ID Card, which is now available at the Public Safety office, 2A, Rm. 108. They must have a valid faculty/staff parking decal, driver's license, and car registration. There is a $10.00 charge for a replacement ID card.

All students and college employees must register their vehicle and purchase a decal to park on campus. This applies to all full and part-time students and staff.
Visitor parking is restricted to Parking Lot #6. Visitor access to other parking lots must be authorized by the Department Chairperson and Public Safety. Parking Lots are open from 6 am till 12 midnight.

Visitors to the college may obtain a one day parking permit by stopping at the Public Safety guard booth located either at the main entrance off of Victory Blvd. or the back entrance located off of Forest Hill Road. Only visitors to the college may use this permit and any other use constitutes a violation.  

The use of the “Visitor Pass” for the day is not a substitute for a required decal – and may result in the issuance of a summons. Please note that although Visitors are restricted to Lot #6, students and employees, who park their vehicles there, are required to display a valid CSI Parking Decal.

Parking on campus is intended for students, faculty, and staff who purchase and display an authorized parking permit. 
Emergency Overnight Parking - Requests for one (1) night emergency overnight parking must receive prior authorization from the Director of Public Safety.
Long Term Parking - Only those members of the college community who have purchased a parking permit and who are engaged in college related activities may be granted permission to leave their vehicles on campus for extended periods, not to exceed five (5) nights. 
Any request for emergency overnight or long term parking must adhere to the following steps:

  • Download and complete all captions on the attached Request for Overnight Parking Form.
  • Long Term Parking requests must first be approved by the Department Chairperson, Department Head or Dean.
  • All requests must then be forward (Fax, email, hand delivered) to the Director of Public Safety for review and approval.
  • The Request for Overnight Parking form may also be picked up and completed at the Public Safety Office. Building 2A – Room 108.

Staff/faculty parking lot #1 will normally be designated for overnight parking. Requests to leave vehicle in another location will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Director of Public Safety. All valuables should be removed from vehicle prior to parking your vehicle in Staff/faculty lot #1.