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Safety Tips

Safety On Campus

The College Of Staten Island is proud of its record of safety and security on campus. In order to maintain and further improve the environment that exist at the college the Office of Public Safety offers the following safety reminders:

Crime Prevention Awareness

Most criminals are opportunists. They take advantage of certain opportunities they encounter to commit crimes. Therefore, the key to crime prevention is to remove as many of these opportunities as possible from our daily routine. Everyone should strive to develop crime prevention awareness habits and incororate them into their daily activities. The development of crime prevention awareness habits is simply the application of some simple, common sense guidlines that will result in less opportunites for criminals and more safety and security for you.

Personal Safety

Walking On Campus

A. If possible aviod walking alone.
B. Walk in well lit areas. Do not take shortcuts through dimly lit areas.
C. Be alert when walking on campus.
D. Have your Keys ready when walking to your vehicle.
E. Do not display cash, expensive jewelry or other valuables while on campus.
F. Keep your purse tucked closely under your arm.

In The Classroom

If you wish to study before the start of your class do not sit in an empty classroom or stairwell. There are areas designated for quiet study on the first floor of each academic building. The Campus Center and Library also have areas where you may study without being isolated. Do not leave books, knapsacks or other personal property unattended for any period of time, even if it is just get a snack or visit the restroom.

In The Office

If you are working alone during off-hours keep your door locked. Inform the Office of Public Safety of your location so that an officer can look in on you. Inform the Office of Public Safety when you leave.
A. Always lock your office door when leaving, even for a short time.
B. Thieves are aware that handbags are often left in the bottom drawer of an unlocked desk. Make sure your handbag is secure when you leave your desk area.
C. Do not leave your college keys in open view or unsecured. Report lost keys to the Office of Public Safety.
D. Small items such as radios, tape recorders, calculators and CD's should be locked up when not in use.
E. Portable office equipment such as printers, fax machines, staplers, etc. should be permanently marked with the name of the college, department and room number.
F. Report all suspicious persons to the Office of Public Safety immediately.

Theft Prevention

A. Park in a well lit area. Try to park directly under a light pole.
B. Always lock your vehicle and take your keys.
C. Set any alarms or security locks.
D. Remove your car radio, if so designed.
E. Do not leave any packages or valuables in open view inside the vehicle.
F. Inform the Office of Public Safety if you notice any suspicious behavior in the parking lots.

Reporting A Suspicious Person

If you see a person engaging in suspicious behavior on campus or if you believe that a crime has been committed notify the Office of Public Safety immediately at x2111. Give full details such as physical description, clothing, car make, model and license plate number, etc. Your cooperation is essential if we are to keep our campus safe.