Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMT)

The goal of the College of Staten Island Emergency Medical Technicians Team is to provide pre-hospital and emergency medical treatment to members of the college community and to other visitors of the campus.

Emergency Medical Technicians are routinely dispatched to handle medical emergencies on the campus. They perform this function during both the day and evening hours while school is in session. Each member of the College of Staten Island EMT Team is a Peace Officer licensed by the City University of New York as well as being certified under the New York State Department of Health.

These officers undergo extensive training and re-certification. This is a voluntary program and the officers do not receive any additional compensation. They perform these additional duties because of their commitment to the health and safety of our campus community. 

Although all Peace Officers have obtained first responder status for basic medical responses, some have also achieved EMT status.

The College of Staten Island also offers professional medical care at the Health Center located in the Campus Center Building 1C, room 112. Please visit their web site for additional information.

If someone experiences a Medical Emergency:

  • Notify Public Safety at 718 982 2111 or dial 2111 directly from any lobby phone
  • Notify 911 if the patient or nurse request an ambulance
  • Notify the Health Center at 718-982-3045
  • Do not move the patient