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Staten Islanders have the best of both urban and suburban worlds by commuting. You could enjoy this, too!

Before the Verrazano Bridge was opened in 1964, Staten Island was known for fishing, farming, and parkland. Today it is a desirable place to live for people who work in Manhattan and other boroughs of New York City and adjacent New Jersey. Staten Island residents commute to Manhattan by car, by the ferry, which takes twenty-five minutes to get to the southern end of Manhattan, and by express bus, which takes about an hour to go to mid-town Manhattan.

The English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island offers programs in English and cultural orientation to international students, professional and business people, visitors, and members of the local community.

ELI provides a supportive environment for language learning: small classes, individual attention, highly qualified faculty, and innovative teaching approaches help students acquire confidence and develop fluency and accuracy in English in an efficient and enjoyable way. Through special focus classes, field trips, and visits to the unique cultural institutions of New York City, students receive an orientation to American culture and an introduction to the US system of higher education. Programs are offered at all levels of proficiency, from beginner to advanced. Courses are designed to address the needs of students who require English for academic, professional, or personal reasons.

Photos and Testimonials

ELI teachers with students from around the globe

ELI teachers with students from around the globe

Elisabetta Grasso from Italy, ELI Graduate, Spring 2014

Elisabetta Grasso from Italy ELI Graduate, Spring 2014When I decided to attend the ELI classes my goal was to improve my English language knowledge and to learn something new about the American culture, instead, I have learned more than I could expect. I have learned more about the entire world and of course of everyday life. I met a lot of people came from all over the world, each one with his/her own experiences, feelings and ideas about general things; each one with his/her cultural background. At the beginning we were simple classmates, but with the passing of time we became real friends. We started sharing common feelings such as to be very far from our countries, families, friends, even from food. We started helping each other coping with different cultural contexts, with linguistic problems, because each one of us had felt the experience to be not understood once, or overcoming general problems, such as to understand a grammar rule, to find a bank or even to find a lost ring. We get closer and we started sharing beautiful moments outside the college too, such as a fantastic birthday party, an amazing cruise around Manhattan, or the popular St. Patrick’s parade, and many, many others. We were able to create strong bonds that I am sure will survive even if miles and miles will separate us.”

Victor Alexandre de Oliveira Silva from Brazil, ELI Graduate, Summer 2014

Victor Alexandre de Oliveira Silva from Brazil“When I was in Brazil and I received the news that I would go to the United States I felt very excited, but I thought it would be a hard experience because I was going to live with people from other countries, other cultures and other behaviors. I was right! I knew people of different countries, cultures and behaviors! But, I was wrong too! It gave me the last lesson: The amazing experience of working with a group!...Day after day we were working together, helping each other, having fun, learning with our differences and respecting one another. I realized the things that make us different are so small among those that make us equal. When a teacher said: “Work with a partner” they were joining more than just a group of students. They were joining countries. In a small English class we could understand the importance of working together. Together we can achieve more. Together we can be a family.”
Victor Alexandre de Oliveira Silva from Brazil
through the
Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP)
ELI Graduate, Summer 2014 and Visiting Student to CSI, Fall 2014