College Council: Membership

74 MEMBERS OF THE 2018-2019 COLLEGE COUNCIL (as per Governance Article I.1b)

54 Members of the Faculty Senate - (See Faculty Senate Members)

7 Members of the HEO Steering Committee - (See HEO Steering Committee Members)

8 Student Senate - ( President  + 7)

  • Fatu Amara, President of Student Government
  • Nicole Agu
  • Mohamed Mahmoud
  • Anam Qaiser
  • Maxwell Velikodny
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

5 Administrators (selected by College President)

  • Hope Berte, Interim VP for Campus Planning, Facilities, & Operations
  • Jennifer Borrero, VP for Student & Enrollment Services
  • Susan Holak, Dean, School of Business
  • Kenichi Iwama, VP for Economic Development, Continuing Studies, & Government Relations
  • Patricia Kahn, AVP & CIO for Technology Services & HPCC

College Council: Executive Committee


Name  Position Department
John Verzani Chair (2020) Mathematics
George Sanchez Vice Chair (2020) Performing & Creative Arts 
Francisco Soto Secretary (2020) World Languages & Literatures
Thomas Tellefsen At-Large Member (2020) Marketing
Mary Murphy At-Large Member (2019) Counseling Center
Cindy Wong Chair of Faculty Senate, ex officio with vote Media Culture


College Council: Committees

Administrative Review and Evaluation Committee

Name Position Department
Alana Gaymon (2021) Member Dean's Office, School of Health Sciences
Darryl Hill (2021) Member Psychology Department
Catherine Lavender (2020) Member History Department
Juline Robinson (2021) Member Registrar
Cindy Wong (2021) Member Media Culture Department
Jonelle Knox (2020) Member (Alternate) Dean's Office, School of Education
Natalya Gnyp (2020) Member (Alternate) Purchasing Office


Budget Committee

Name Position Department
Katie Cumiskey Member Academic Affairs
Veronica DiMeglio Member Psychology Department
Wilma Jones Member Library
George Sanchez Member Performing & Creative Arts Department
John Verzani  Member Mathematics Department


Bylaws Committee

Name Position Department
Cindy Wong Chair, Faculty Senate, ex officio with vote Media Culture Department
John Verzani Committee Chair
Chair, College Council, ex officio with vote
Mathematics Department
Alan Benimoff Elected Member-at-Large (2021) Engineering & Environmental Science Department
Patricia Brooks Elected Member-at-Large (2021) Psychology Department
Alana Gaymon Elected Member-at-Large (2021) Dean's Office, School of Health Sciences
Catherine Lavender Elected Member-at-Large (2021) History Department
J. Michael Parrish Appointed by College President Chief Academic Officer / Provost
Suzy Shepardson Co-Chair, HEO Steering Committee, ex officio with vote Center for Advisement and Academic Success
Sarolta Takács Appointed by College President Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences
Elton Vojka  Student Member Student


Committee on Organization

Name Position Department
Warrick Bell (2021) Member Dean's Office, School of Business
Alan Benimoff (2021) Member Engineering & Environmental Science Department
Margaret Bérci (2021) Member Curriculum & Instruction Department
Clarisse Domingo (2019) Member Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program
Michael Volpe (2019) Member Biology Department


Facilities Committee

Members of the Academic Facilities Committee (See Faculty Senate Committees )

Name Position Department
Carlos Serrano AVP for Finance & Budget / CFO, ex officio with vote  
Hope Berte Appointed by College President Interim VP for Campus Planning, Facilities Management, & Operations
Robert Wallace Appointed by College President Chief of Staff/Deputy to the President & Executive Legal Counsel
Kerri Gerson (2021) HEO Member Registrar's Office
Samantha Wong Student Member Student
Shannon Cammarano (2021) HEO Member (Alternate) Student & Enrollment Services

Institutional Planning Committee

Name Position Department
William Fritz Chair College President
Alyson Bardsley (2022) Elected Member-at-Large English (H&SS)
Katie Cumiskey (2021) Elected Member-at-Large Psychology (H&SS)
Erlan Feria (2020) Elected Member-at-Large Engineering & Environmental Science (S&T)
Irina Lyublinskaya (2021) Elected Member-at-Large Curriculum & Instruction (SE)
John Verzani (2021) Elected Member-at-Large Mathematics (S&T)
Cindy Wong (2021) Elected Member-at-Large Media Culture (H&SS)
Hope Berte Appointed by College President Interim VP for Campus Planning, Facilities, & Operations
Jennifer Borrero Appointed by College President VP for Student & Enrollment Services
Kenichi Iwama Appointed by College President VP for Economic Development, Continuing Studies, & Government Relations
J. Michael Parrish Appointed by College President Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs
Carlos Serrano Appointed by College President AVP for Finance & Budget / CFO
Catherine Lavender (2020) Member-at-Large (Alternate) History (H&SS)
Thomas Tellefsen Member-at-Large (Alternate) Marketing (SB)