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Help, I Can’t Log in to Navigate!

If you successfully enter your credentials on the sign-on page, but Navigate says, “Uh-oh…” or “Something went wrong,” EAB must not have your username in their system. Contact with your full name, username, EMPLID, and email address.


How Can I Start Using Navigate?

You can download Navigate in the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Navigate” or access the desktop version using the same username and password that you use to login to CUNYfirst.  If using the desktop version login using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best results.


Can't Find Navigate in the App Store?

If you are an international student, you may need to set your local address for your Apple Store or Google Play account. Instructions can be found here.


Can I Access Navigate if I Don’t Have a Smartphone?

Absolutely! You can still use the desktop version.


What Do I Do if My App is Frozen or Acting Weird?

Try a hard close and relaunch the app. For iOS, double click the “Home” button, then swipe the app preview away to “hard close.” On Android, open the app manager and view and slide the app preview away to “hard close.” 


How Do I Change My Notification Settings?

In “Settings” there is a link called “Notification Settings” where you can personalize your notification preferences.


“My Class Schedule.”

Course schedules are updated every 24 hours in Navigate, so check back tomorrow if you added or dropped a course that is not appearing correctly.


My Major Is Not Appearing.

Be sure your major has been declared on your official record. Majors are updated every 24 hours in Navigate, so allow a day if your major was just declared. Contact for other problems.


Only One of My Majors Is Appearing, Not My Second Major or Minor.

Don't panic! Navigate only displays one major, so if you're double-majoring or have a minor, your second major and/or minor will not appear in Navigate.


How Much Do I Have to Pay for It?

Zero, nada, zilch. It costs nothing for you to download Navigate or use the desktop version!

How Do I Log in to the Navigate Platform?

Login to the Navigate desktop version using the same username and password that you use to login to CUNYfirst.  For the best results login using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


How Often Is the Data in Navigate Updated?

Data in Navigate is pulled from CUNYfirst nightly. Any changes made to a student’s record will be reflected in Navigate the following day.


What Does a Student Have Access to in the Tool? Will They Be Able to See Everything That I Can?

No, the student view is limited. Students have the ability to schedule appointments and connect to resources and support services.


Are Appointment Summaries Subject to FERPA?

All information entered in Navigate are part of a student’s educational record and subject to FERPA. Visit FERPA for more information.


Who or What Determines How Much Access to Data I Have in the Tool?

Navigate identifies different “roles” within the tool, consistent with your job responsibilities.


Is Training Available?

Yes, there will be various scheduled trainings throughout the year. Additionally, there are many resources and guides on Blackboard for faculty and staff to use. The Navigate Help Center is also a great resource for tips and tutorials—just click on the “?” in the top right corner when you’re logged in.

If you have general questions or require technical assistance, please contact