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Progress Reports

Progress Reports

Each semester faculty members are requested to report on progress of their students by submitting Early and Mid-semester Progress Reports.  Early Progress Reports are sent after WN grades have been assigned.  Mid-Semester Progress Reports are sent seven weeks prior to the last day of regular meetings for Monday-Friday classes.  Check Academic Calendar.    

Messages used by faculty to alert students of their progress are:

  • Contact your Course Instructor (Early)
  • Missing or Late Assignments (Early & Mid-semester)
  • Participation/Attendance Concerns (Early & Mid-semester)
  • Tutoring Recommended (Early & Mid-semester)
  • At Risk of Receiving a D or Below in your Class (Mid-semester)
  • Keep up the Good Work (Early & Mid-semester)

Students are alerted of these messages via their campus email.  This communication is also populated on the Navigate CSI App.  This early tracking system allows the student's advisor, tutoring center, and other support services, to work together to support student success throughout the semester.