Writing Concentration

Three Required Courses (12 credits):

  • ENL 290   Introduction to the Study of Literature          4 credits
  • ENL 310   World Literature in Contexts                         4 credits
  • ENL 300   British and American Literary Traditions       4 credits

Writing Courses (20 credits):

  • ENL 267 Workshop in Creative Writing
    (prior to registering for genre-specific writing courses at the 300 and 400 levels)
  • Four additional ENL writing courses

NO MORE than TWO 200 level writing courses (8 credits) can be counted toward the major requirements.

Remaining Courses (12 credits):

These eight or twelve credits may be Linguistics (LING 201 / LING 300-level or higher), Literature (ENL), Writing (ENL), or ENL 302 (Oral Interpretation of Literature).

English majors in the adolescence education sequence must take either LING 201 (Introduction to Language) or LING 301 (Introduction to Linguistics). Additionally, they must take ENL 323 (Coming of Age Narratives) or ENL 305 (Critical Approaches to Children's and Young Adult Literature).