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Course Offerings

Summer 2023 Course Information

** MTH 130 is a full day program that will be held IN PERSON on the CSI Campus.  Students MUST be vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate and must show proof of vaccination ** 

PSY 100 and SOC 100 will be fully online in the mornings only.  

The College Now Office will continue to accept applications until all classes have been filled (up until the first day of classes).  Students who have already applied will be notified of their acceptance status via email in early May. 

Classes BEGIN July 5, 2023 and END on July 27, 2023 Mondays through Thursdays. 

MTH 130 — Pre-Calculus – 3 CREDITS

A functional approach to algebra and trigonometry. Selected topics such as trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, inverse trigonometric functions, complex numbers, rational functions, introduction to analytic geometry, inequalities, absolute value, and theory of equations. Graphing calculators are used. 

Prerequisite: CC Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents Grade 65+ or SAT Math Score 530+ or ACT Math Score 21 +
** Must have passed the Algebra and Geometry Regents 
** Students who will be taking the Common Core Alg2/Trig Regents in June may reserve a seat if they scored a 70+ on the Common Core Geometry Regents.  Final registration is contingent on scoring a 65+ on the Common Core Alg2/Trig Regents. 

PSY 100 — Psychology – 3 CREDITS 

A study of the important facts and theories concerning human behavior and its motivation. Included will be research methodology; at least three topics from learning, cognition, testing, physiology, and phenomenology; and at least three topics from personality, psychopathology, emotion and motivation, history and systems, development, and social factors. Topics will be related to major trends in recent cultural history and to current social and moral issues. 

Prerequisite: A grade of 75+ on the ELA Regents OR a 480+ on the SAT Verbal OR 20+ on the ACT English OR 27+ on the PSAT Reading Portion OR 85+ high school GPA OR C or better in a College of Staten Island College Now Course. 


An introduction to sociological approaches used to study human societies. The course explores the interaction between the individuals, groups and societies; the development and role of social institutions such as health care, education, criminal justice, the economy and the family; the causes and consequences of social inequalities, as structured by factors like social class, race, gender and sexuality. 

Prerequisite: A grade of 75+ on the ELA Regents OR a 480+ on the SAT Verbal OR 20+ on the ACT English OR 27+ on the PSAT Reading Portion OR 85+ high school GPA OR C or better in a College of Staten Island College Now Course.