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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Am I eligible to take a College Now class?

    You can take part in College Now if:

    • you attend a New York City public high school


    • your private school tuition is paid for with public funds (for students with disabilities only)


    • you are homeschooled and can provide proof of registration with the New York City Department of Education

      Please note that certain courses are only available if students have met the pre-requisites.


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    Who else will be in my College Now class?

    College Now courses generally fall into two groups:

    • Most classes are filled with high school students; these are special College Now sections (also called “cohort courses”).
    • After passing a cohort class with a grade of B or better, students may be eligible to enter any (regularly scheduled) undergraduate course for which they fulfill the prerequisite(s). The majority of students in these courses will be regularly enrolled CSI students.


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    I go to school all day. When can I fit in College Now classes and events?

    College Now is for high school students, so the program is designed to meet your schedule. Classes and events take place after school or on the weekend. The CSI College Now program also offers a challenging summer program.


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    Where do I go for College Now?

    To cultivate the college experience, many of our classes are offered on the 204 acre CSI campus where students receive access to all of our facilities and support services. In addition we also offer courses at some of our partner schools.


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    Who teaches College Now classes?

    Our courses are taught by CSI faculty members.


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    I completed a couple of College Now classes and earned 6 college credits! Which colleges will accept the credit? How do I transfer it?

    In most cases, College Now credits transfer directly within the CUNY system. Credits usually transfer to other colleges as well—even to those schools not affiliated with CUNY. You'll have to check with the colleges you are applying to regarding their credit transfer policies.
    To prove you earned the credits, you'll need to show an official transcript. You can get your transcript from the Registrar’s office.


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    Is there a limit to how many college credits I can earn through College Now?

    First time students can register for one College Now course. After successfully completing a College Now course, students may register for up to two courses each semester. The maximum number of credits a student can earn through College Now is 15 college credits.


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    How much does it all cost?

    Participating in College Now costs you absolutely nothing. In fact, with FREE tuition and FREE books, you'll be saving money!

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