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CSI students are involved in many areas of research, including in wireless technology, breast cancer, autism, early childhood development, and public finance. For a more on research and awards, click here or check out the exciting list of recent topics click here.

Aishwarya Udayan, Psychology Major

Aishwarya UdayanUdayan is currently doing independent research at the Institute For Basic Research (IBR) just outside of campus. In a behavioral pharmacology lab, her experiments focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
She runs tests and observations on mice that exhibit behaviors of ASD. Her thesis is neuroscience-based and a great start for what she wants to study after graduation. 
“You need some of neuroscience to understand the psychological parts that are happening in this model of autism,” she adds about her work at the IBR. 
Udayan is aiming for graduate school and wants to become a clinical psychologist​. More >>