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Accepted Freshmen

Congratulations on your acceptance to Verrazzano! Follow these next steps to secure your seat in the program and prepare for this great adventure!

Things to Do

Submit your Acceptance Paperwork by May 1
In your acceptance email, there were links to acceptance materials that you needed to download, complete, then submit to drop box. If you cannot locate that email, please contact Cynthia Palumbo to have it resent. These documents must be sumitted by May 1.

Pay Your Committement Deposit
You need accept your offer to CSI and pay your commitment depost. Details on how to do that are here:

Submit or Get your photo taken for your CSI ID
After you have submitted the required documents to The Verrazzano Program, you will be sent an email about submitting a photo or getting a photo taken for your CSI ID card. Follow the instructions in that email so you can pick up your ID at Verrazzano Freshman Orientation.

Submit Your official AP test scores and/or college course transcripts
Send unofficial records now (screen shots to would be helpful!) and official transcripts once grades post. You must submit official documentation to have those classes evaluated AND to make sure we don’t sign you up for course work for which you have already received credit. CSI awards college credit for AP scores of 3 or higher in most cases.

Attend Mandatory Verrazzano Freshman Orientation 
You are required to attend the Verrazzano Freshman Orientation.  This year the event is tentatively scheduled for June 30 on the CSI campus from 9-4. Verrazzano freshmen do not attend CSI registration events called CART, nor the general CSI Freshman Orientation.