Please read through this section to find answers to the most commonly asked questions by new students regarding CSI’s New Student Orientation:

CSI’s New Student Orientation
Veteran Student Orientation
New Student Orientation Degree Requirement & CLUE

Is NSO mandatory for all new students?
All incoming students with less than six transfer credits are required to attend NSO. College Now and AP credits do not count towards the six transfer credit transfer exemption. All segments of the NSO program are mandatory and attendance is taken at each segment of the program. Incoming students with more than six transfer credits and students participating in the Verrazano School Honors Program, Macaulay Honors College, Teacher’s Academy, Student Veterans, and students enrolled through a Network Program (1199 union) are exempted from the NSO requirement, but may have to fulfill orientation requirements within their individual programs. Students participating in these programs should consult with their program advisors regarding their program requirement. ARC (Adults Returning to the Classroom) students have the option to participate in NSO. ARC students who do not participate in NSO must meet with Frances Hetherington in the Center for Advising and Academic Success in building 1a, room 101. All incoming student must register and complete a CSI Advisement & Registration Training (CART) Session in order to register for NSO. In addition, NSO is part of the basic CSI degree requirements at the college and is satisfied in two components. One is attending an orientation program, and the second is explained to students as part of their first-year requirements during the NSO program.

Do I have to pay an orientation fee?
No. Currently, there is no fee to attend NSO.

Why is NSO mandatory?
The College of Staten Island strongly believes that orientation and acclimation to our university are important to new student success. The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has developed standards and guidelines for Student Orientation Programs (SOP) that are essential to student development. CSI is also required by the federal government and the City University of New York (CUNY) to provide new students with information regarding health, wellness, academic policies, and safety at CSI. Orientation is also a part of CSI’s basic degree requirements at the college as well.

What happens at NSO?
NSO is a comprehensive program that consists of multiple departments and offices on campus. Students will be formally welcomed to the College by the CSI Administration. The program also provides opportunities for students to become engaged and meet other students, staff, and New Student Orientation Leaders through team building activities. Students will also learn about co-curricular options and campus involvement from the Office of Student Life. The NSO program also provides students with the opportunity to learn about different student services, academic services, and athletics on campus through the “At Your Service” game show. Students will also receive important information about their rights and responsibilities as a CSI student, including Title IX, academic policies, and the University Code of Conduct. Furthermore, students learn about campus civility and diversity, and engage in an Orientation Leader led JAM (Just Ask Me) to learn about strategies for succeeding as a first-year student and understanding their first-year requirements.

How do I register for NSO?
In order to register for the mandatory NSO, students must have been accepted to the College and have submitted their Admission Response Form to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions and have satisfied the College’s Commitment Policy outlined on the Admission Response Form. All new students entering CSI must demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics through a series of CUNY Skills Assessment Tests prior to registration for NSO. Some students may satisfy the requirement by achieving the necessary scores on Regents, ACT, or SAT exams. Incoming students will automatically receive a testing appointment in the mail, and are encouraged to make their first scheduled appointment, as it could impact a student’s ability to enroll at CSI and for NSO. In addition, students may need to be enrolled in the immersion programs prior to their CART session depending on their remediation status. Once a student has fulfilled their admissions and testing requirements, and have retrieved their results, they are ready to register their CART sessions through the Center for Advising and Academic Success or New Student Programs. Students will receive an email to access their VIP account to view their online orientation invitation. Students with any remediation needs will receive the same communication. However, remedial students are strongly encouraged to visit the Office of Academic Support in building 1L, room 117 to learn more about the impact of their CUNY Assessment Test results and register for an immersion program.

When do I register for my courses?
Students will register for their courses at one of the CSI Advisement and Registration Training Sessions or CART. At the CART sessions student will have the opportunity to claim their portal access, develop a class schedule, and register for classes. Students will be given a personalized Advisement Worksheet, the worksheet will designate required classes the students need to take based around their intended major choice. During the CART session students will then register for the mandatory New Student Orientation. If you have any other questions about the CART sessions please contact the Center for Advising and Academic Success at 718.982.2280 or visit them in building 1a, room 101.

How do my CUNY Assessment Test results impact my ability to register for NSO?
The outcomes of the CUNY Assessment Tests may impact students’ admission status and enrollment at the college. Please be aware of the following enrollment requirements:

For students admitted for a Fall Semester, who have failed

  • parts 1 & 2 of the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics are required to complete CSI's free July Math Immersion program prior to enrolling at the College.
  • the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics (parts 1 & 2) cannot participate in Immersion. These students must enroll in and complete at least one semester of the CUNYStart program and pass one or more of the Assessment Tests in order to enroll at the college.
  • the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing but have failed one part of the Mathematics Test must enroll in and complete Reading and Writing Immersion in the July and August sessions. Upon completing Immersion, these students must have passed the Reading and Writing Assessment tests in order to enroll at the College and must register for and complete Math 020 in the semester following Immersion. Students who have not passed both must enroll in CUNYStart.

    Students who have failed the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing but have passed at least one part of the Mathematics Test and decide not to enroll in Immersion must enroll in CUNYStart.

In addition to the above policies, students admitted for a Spring Semester

  • who passed the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing but failed Mathematics (parts 1 & 2) must enroll in basic math in Winter Immersion. If they pass, they must enroll in and complete Math 020 in the spring semester.  If they do not pass, or choose not to enroll in Immersion, they must enroll in CUNYStart and cannot enroll at the College.