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Transitional Services

The New Student Mentoring Program

The New Student Mentoring Program provides peer-to-peer mentoring on a variety of first-year initiatives, including supporting first year students in navigating CSI, supporting all students, new and continuing, in meeting the new student orientation degree requirement, and supporting first year students who are on, or at risk of academic probation at CSI. The New Student Mentoring Program provides New Student Mentors to support students through their college experience. The New Student Mentors assists students with becoming more focused by working together to address challenges, improve strengths, and connect to the various resources on campus that can help them reach their academic goals by serving as a referral service and a guide.

The New Student Orientation Leadership Program

NSP is dedicated to assisting new students in their first-year of college. Orientation is one of the valuable first-steps a student takes when entering CSI. It prepares students for delving into a new environment as they learn where classes are located, what to expect from professors, and how to tap into college resources and support services. NSP oversees the New Student Orientation Leadership Program, in which the office recruits current CSI students to work as New Student Orientation Leaders, who serve as role models for incoming students at every orientation program and help new students become CSI students.