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SEEK Program
(Search for Education, Elevation, & Knowledge)

SEEK is a New York State higher education opportunity program offered at CUNY’s four-year colleges. It is a program designed for students who have the potential to do well in college, but would benefit from enhanced academic support and financial assistance.  SEEK accepts between 150 and 200 new freshmen per year.  Transfer students, previously enrolled in College Discovery (CD), Higher Education Opportunity Programs (HEOP) or Education Opportunity Programs (EOP) are also eligible for SEEK. 
Students applying for SEEK must meet both the academic and economic requirements to be eligible for the program.  Incoming freshmen must fill in the SEEK/CD portion of the CUNY Admissions application or contact the SEEK office at 718.982.2410 to be considered. 

Applicant must meet the following Admission Guidelines to be considered for SEEK:

Based on family size and income, the following summary reflects the financial aid benefits available to SEEK students:

  • SEEK students receive a maximum of 10 semesters of eligibility for New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) — (Non-SEEK students may receive a maximum of 8 semesters).
  • "Student activity" fees will be covered for a maximum of ten semesters.
  • Students may be eligible to receive funds for books.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. All documentation must be submitted and approved by the first day of Fall classes.
Click here to learn more about the SEEK program and benefits.