Community Service

Community Service and Civic Engagement

Students here at CSI can get involved and engaged in their community in a variety of ways.  Community service, volunteerism and civic engagement are just a few ways to make a difference here at CSI and beyond.  There are many reasons to volunteer and get involved.  Most volunteers say that their volunteer activities helped them gain employment and interpersonal skills, such as understanding people better, motivating others, making contacts and friendships and learning to better deal with difficult situations.

Visit or call the Office of Student Life to find out about community service opportunities and to sign up for an opportunity to make a difference. Help yourself by helping and being of service to others.

Contact Information

Robert King Kee

Coordinator for Student Leadership Development

Building 1C, Room 201
Email Robert King Kee

9:00am - 5:00pm

Volunteer Opportunity of the Month

Each month the Office of Student Life will sponsor a featured service project.  These events are the perfect way for individuals and groups to make a difference in just one day, no orientation required. Gather a team of friends or come make new ones to make a big difference in one day.

For more information on community service and volunteer events visit the Office of Student Life, Campus Center (1C), room 201 or follow “CSI Civic Engagement and Volunteering” on Facebook.

You can also find out more information about civic engagement and volunteer opportunities by contacting the Office of Student Life, Campus Center, 1C-201 or via telephone at 718-982-3119.