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Student Publications

Student Publications are funded by student activity fees allocated through the Publications Board. Each year, our creative students come together to produce publications at CSI. Our student publications collaborate with the Office of Student Life and other areas of campus to develop and produce digital and print communications and emphasizes a learning environment for all our students. 

Student Publications is also home to The Banner. The Banner, CSI's student run newspaper, regularly reports on relevant and timely issues important to CSI and the CUNY community, as well as the latest updates on breaking stories that directly affect student life. Other areas of interest include CSI athletics, arts, and personalities. 

Joining or starting your own publication at CSI offers a wealth of opportunities to learn, get valuable experience in many different fields, meet other CSI students and learn by doing what you enjoy. Whether it is graphic design, news writing, photography, advertising, public relations, social media, multimedia, video, blogging, copyediting, or leadership, CSI has an opportunity for your. 

Contact us today and begin to get the experience that will set you apart!

Start a New Student Publication

Any group of students with a common interest may also apply to charter a new student publication with the CSI Student Government and the Office of Student Life.

The rules by which student publications may charter are set out in the CUNY Bylaws, Article 15, section 2, which is included in The Gazetteer

In order to charter a new Publication, a group must:

  • Set up meeting with Robert King Kee to discuss the process for starting a new publication.
  • Develop a constitution
  • Have Ten (10) registered student(s) who will serve as members of the publication
  • Recruit a Publication Advisor (must be a full-time staff member or member of the faculty)

To get a information on the chartering process and to learn how to submit a student publication chartering packet through CSI CONNECT, please contact

Contact Information

Robert King Kee

Coordinator for Student Leadership Development

Building 1C, Room 201
Email Robert King Kee

9:00 am - 5:00 pm