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Projects in Design Phase

Network Fiber Replacement – Campus Wide
Description: Replacement of the existing Fiber Optic Cable network. New Fiber Optic Cables will increase the reliability and capacity of the College’s data and communications network.
Estimated Time Frame for Completion: June 2023

Skylight Reconstruction
The reconstruction of skylights to remediate water infiltration in to Buildings 1A, 2A, 1C, 1L, and the 6S Greenhouse.
Estimated time Frame for completion: Jan 2024

Sidewalk Replacement
The replacement of deteriorated walkways throughout the campus. The first phase of this project will replace the academic loops and the rings around 1C and 1L. The concrete walkways will be thickened and reinforced to better withstand vehicle traffic.
Stage: Design
Estimated time Frame for completion: June 2023

Campus Hardscape Improvements Phase 2
Description: Plaza reconstruction of Buildings 5N, 4N and 3N, with seating to encourage social gathering and native plantings. New Leaders and gutters will be installed in both the interior and exterior plaza facades. A new stormwater collection system to control the rate of flow into the existing storm sewer will include a retention tank and detention system in order to allow the College to connect to the retention tanks for irrigation in the future.
Estimate Time for Completion: August 2023

2M building Renovation Phase IV
The renovation of the North Wing, First and Second Floors of Building 2M for the future home of the Jay and Lucille Chazanoff School of Business will provide a Dean’s Suite, Chairperson and faculty offices, tiered classrooms, computer labs, and group study rooms.
Estimated time Frame for completion: Jan. 2024

WillowBrook Mile
The Willowbrook Mile uniquely creates a memorial walking trail that connects the College of Staten Island, the Institute for Basic Research (IBR), and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). This project aims to preserve the site’s history, and create a visionary presence that commemorates the deinstitutionalization movement and the progress of all peoples’ rights to live with dignity and thrive in their communities. At each of the 10 stations currently planned, there will be a pylon sign marking the milestone and an accompanying interpretive sign explaining its historical significance, a concrete pathway leading to the signage, and landscaping surrounding the area. In addition, benches dedicated to the legacy of the Willowbrook State School will be placed at each station and along the walking trail to honor a person or group of people for posterity. The Willowbrook Mile will allow all to remember the past so as to protect the future. SAM grant funding was provided by our elected officials.
Estimated time Frame for completion: September 2022

Vehicle Storage Garage
This project will erect a pre-fabricated garage facility for facilities vehicles and equipment with much needed enclosed storage space to protect them from the elements. RESO A funding was provided by our elected officials.
Estimated time Frame for completion: January 2023

MakerSpace Lab – 4N
This renovation will provide a new makerspace lab with an array of fabrication tools, electronic equipment and technologies in a communal area where faculty, students, researchers and entrepreneurs can freely design and prototype their ideas. Architecturally the space will be composed of the fabrication lab and the heavy equipment room, with open ceilings, new pendant lighting, glass wall and a media wall. An additional classroom will be added as part of this project, next to the adjoining power lab. RESO A funding was provided by our elected officials.
Estimated time Frame for completion: January 2023

1C Servery Improvements
In order to service the college growing residential population, the 1C Servery Improvements project will help revitalize and build identity and vision for the 1C building as the Campus Center, the “hub” of campus life, a place of socializing, attending an event, enjoying a meal, or just relaxing. Severy area will be re-envisioned, with new equipment and freestanding, interactive rotating menu guest chefs with either individual cashiers’ station or electronic order kiosks to pay and then pick-up food, and a more efficient layout to provide modern food service for the campus students. Space upgrades at the Dining hall will remove the platform, provide more seating capacity as well as better space definition for students to gather, eat and interact. Project will include flexible seating strategies for a varied dining and student common area experience, noise mitigation strategies, moving acoustical partitions and new finishes. Lighting design changes will also be provided to improve and enhance the quality of the space. Park café will be modernized.
Stage: Pre-Design
Estimated time Frame for completion:  December 2024

Public Safety Command Center – 1M
Description: A new state of the art Campus Security Command Center for the College will be housed on the first floor of building 1M. The renovation shall allow for moving Public Safety’s current control room from building 2A to this new location. The new Command Center will house two large video walls and a console area where the officers will monitor cameras and respond to emergencies. An appropriately sized air handler unit shall provide heat and conditioned ventilation, and a backup generator shall accommodate the increased load in 1M.
Stage: Pre-Design
Estimated time Frame for completion: June 2023

Campus Wide Restroom Upgrades – Phase 1
Description: Phase I will consist of renovating all existing restrooms in Buildings 1A, 2A, 3A, 1C, 1P and 1L. The existing restrooms will be gutted, and new finishes, fixtures, partitions, and accessories are
to be installed. At least one new Gender Inclusive restroom per building shall be added.
Stage: Pre-Design
Estimated time Frame for completion: June 2023

Elevator Replacements 1A & 2A
Description: Refurbishment of the elevator cars in buildings 1A and 2A. The new cars will feature enhanced lighting and safety features.
Stage: Pre-Design
Estimated time Frame for completion: June 2023

Entry Door Replacements 1A & 2A
Description: Replacement of the entry doors on Buildings 1A and 2A. New entry doors will feature programmable lock systems for securing the buildings during off-hours and access card integration.
Stage: Pre-Design
Estimated time Frame for completion: June 2023