Recently Completed

1M Roof Replacement
Replacement of the existing roof over the 1M Switchgear Room will provide protection of critical electrical equipment in the 1M Central Plant. This roof suffered severe water damage which resulted in continuous water infiltration into the campus electrical switchgear room.
Fire Alarm Upgrades Phase I
The replacement of the existing building fire alarm systems throughout campus. The new fire alarm systems will increase safety for building occupants with new state-of-art equipment. Phase 1 includes the following buildings: 1C, 1L, 1M, 1R/2R
Soccer Field Bleacher Installation
The Soccer Field Improvements provide installation of a bleacher/grand stand with seating for 1,000 spectators, a press box, ADA parking spaces, concrete walkways associated with bleacher and parking access as well as fencing to surround the new bleacher area and existing soccer field. Several new trees will also be planted along with a length of conduit spanning the planting area to allow for future installation of field lighting. The addition of accessible parking is also included in this project.
Automatic Transfer Switch upgrade
The replacement of the Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) in most buildings throughout the campus will increase the reliability of the college’s emergency power supply. The ATS switches the source of electric power from the normal supply to the emergency standby generator in the event of an outage.
Elevator Door Locking Upgrade
This project will install door lock monitoring devices on all elevators throughout campus to increase their safe operation and comply with NYC DOB requirements.
1C Hot Water Pipe Replacement
The replacement of the buried High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) and Chilled Water (CHW) lines will eliminate leaks in the supply and return lines and provide reliable heating and cooling for the 1C Campus Center.
1R Pool Dehumidification & Filtration System
Description: The replacement of the natatorium dehumidification system, reduction of energy consumption with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pump controller, and improvement of Indoor Air Quality by facilitating the reduced use of chlorine with an Ozone Generator.
Chemical Storage Suite – 6S
Description: Renovation of the 6S Chemical Waste & Storage Lab to create office space and provide enhanced safety for the handling and consolidation of chemicals. Reduction of waste chemical disposal costs by facilitating bulk consolidation of chemicals prior to disposal.