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Early Advisement

Dear Students:

CSI is proud of our commitment to nurture intellectual growth and curiosity.  One important way in which we seek to accomplish this is by systematically promoting engagement between our students, faculty and staff.  The Early Advisement period is specifically designed to offer you an opportunity to meet with your assigned advisor, discuss your future educational plans, and complete your upcoming semester’s course selection process before the registration period opens!

Each semester students receive an email notification of their priority registration access date (the first date in which you are allowed to officially register for the upcoming semester’s courses) and are reminded to meet with their assigned faculty or professional advisor beforehand. Students are required to seek advisement prior to the start of each registration period so that their advisement stop can be released.

As you prepare for your consultation with your advisor, please remember to:

  • Bring your copies of any Advisement Worksheets that you might have previously received from prior advising sessions.
  • Prepare a listing of any academic questions or concerns that you need to address with your advisor.
  • Access and bring a copy of your degree audit through Degree Works.
  • Prepare a listing of courses that you would like to consider taking in the upcoming semester Winter and/or Spring Semester.
  • Prepare a listing of any supplemental educational opportunities that you would like to know more about; i.e. – study aboard, research, internship, etc.
  • Determine whether you need to discuss graduate school or career opportunities with your advisor.
  • Determine whether you have completed 94 college credits and can complete your Application For Graduation in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Register for your courses on your priority registration appointment date.  If necessary, you can always register for classes after that date; however, never before it. 

Early Advisement helps students resolve potential registration or financial aid eligibility issues before they may become problematic.  This is a prime time for you to both proactively invest in your education and utilize your faculty or professional advisor’s invaluable resources. 

Take advantage of it today!