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Purchasing Office


Natalya Gnyp, Finance Procurement Director

The Purchasing Office is responsible for facilitating the procurement of goods and services and maintaining the University’s fixed asset inventory system through annual inventory audits.  All procurement activity focuses on obtaining the best value available in the marketplace by optimizing price, quality and product support.  Annual inventory audits are performed by our Facilities Property Coordinator in partnership with campus department liaisons.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service while maintaining compliance with City University of New York and State of New York policies, procedures and guidelines.

Assistance is available in several ways:

Below is the contact list for members of the Purchasing team. 

Email Title Office Phone Finance Procurement Director 718.982.2163 Facilities Property Coordinator 718.982.2452 Purchasing Agent 718.982.2455 Purchasing Agent 718.982.2454 College Assistant 718.982.2453