Out of respect for others and the environment, CSI is tobacco-free!

The use of all tobacco products is strictly prohibited on the College of Staten Island campus, pursuant to The City University of New York’s Revised Tobacco Policy, which prohibits the use of tobacco on all grounds and facilities under CUNY jurisdiction, including indoor locations and outdoor locations such as playing fields; entrances and exits to buildings; and parking lots.

This policy applies to all tobacco and tobacco products including chew tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Explore our Tobacco-Free CSI Website for resources about quitting tobacco use, or visit the University’s Tobacco-Free CUNY Website.

CSI Students who wish assistance may visit the CSI Health and Wellness Center located in the Campus Center (Building 1C). CSI Faculty and staff who are interested in quitting are encouraged to contact the CUNY Work/Life Program at 800.833.8707.

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Prohibited Use

In accordance with The CUNY Revised Tobacco Policy, the use of tobacco will be prohibited on all College property, both indoors and outdoors, as of July 1, 2012. 

After a careful consideration of the merits of “smoke-free” and “tobacco-free” designations, it has been determined that “tobacco-free” is the correct terminology to be utilized in the context of this Implementation Plan. A smoke-free policy is one that eliminates the use of smoke-producing tobacco.  The primary concern of a smoke-free policy is secondhand smoke. A tobacco-free policy eliminates the use of any tobacco product, including, but not limited to spit tobacco, snuffs, and other “smokeless” products, hookahs, etc.  Tobacco-free emphasizes the health of all, including the user.

The policy prohibits smoking and the use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, and all tobacco products) as well as the use of electronic cigarettes, or herbal cigarettes, or any other kind of smoking product, by students, faculty, staff, contractors, vendors, visitors, and any other person on all grounds and facilities under CUNY jurisdiction.  This includes (i) locations such as playing fields, entrances and exits to buildings, and parking lots; (ii) within all vehicles on College properties, and within all College vehicles at any location; (iii) tobacco industry promotions, advertising, marketing, and distribution of marketing materials on campus properties; and (iv) tobacco industry sponsorship of athletic events and athletes.

All attendees at public events, such as conferences, meetings, public lectures, social events, cultural events, and sporting events using College facilities shall be required to abide by this policy; organizers shall communicate this policy to attendees and shall enforce the policy. Written notification of the policy shall be included, as appropriate, in all contracts that vendors and renters are required to sign.

Improper disposal of cigarettes or other waste is also proscribed though existing prohibitions on littering.

For additional information visit the Tobacco-Free CUNY website.