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Sustainability Across the Curriculum

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Sustainability Courses


  • BUS/ECO 105: This course will explore timely individual, business, and societal aspects of sustainability in the Anthropocene. It will examine the impacts that human decision-making, consumer choice, and technology have on a sustainable way of life.  Learners will analyze the roles of individual and global consumption patterns, economic systems, businesses, organizations, and initiatives in achieving a sustainable future.  Learners will also be exposed to metrics and tools that allow them to analyze the consumption choices that they make.


Courses with Sustainability Component*: Sustainably related courses can help students to better understand the social, economic, and environmental extents of sustainability challenges and solutions.  CSI currently doesn’t offer Sustainability courses but it offers courses that have a sustainability component. These courses engage students in making connections between the main topic of the course and how it relates to sustainability.


  • Bio 180  General Biology II
  • Bio 181 General Biology II Laboratory
  • Bio 213 Vertebrate Zoology
  • Bio 230 Marine Biology and Oceanography
  • Bio 322 Evolution
  • Bio 360 Ecology


  • ECO 388 Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment
  • ECO 392 Urban Economics
  • ECO/WGS 206 Women and the Economy
  • ECO 361 Labor Economics


  • FNC 111 Personal Financial Management


  • Geg 250 Conservation and Humanity


  • MGT 304 Small Business and Family Business Management

Media Culture

  • COM 425 Media Regulations on Electronic Waste

Political Science

  • POL 261 International Organizations
  • POL 364 International Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • POL 323 Public Policy Analysis

*Courses are added on a continuous basis as they are evaluated by department chairs. Faculty Research

Chandan Acharya- Management

Professor Acharya's primary research interests are in the fields of knowledge management and innovation management. His research has appeared in the International Journal of Information ManagementJournal of Knowledge ManagementIndustrial Marketing Management, and International Journal of Production Economics.

Chandan Acharya (College of Staten Island Website)

Carles Sola Belda

Professor Solà has a PhD in Business Economics from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and his research interests focus in HR, Organizational Behavior and Negotiation applying experimental methods. His research has been published in several international journals (Games and Economic Behavior, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization) and books. Currently, professor Solà investigates several issues concerning compensation policies, coordination mechanisms, and team production funded by Spanish institutions and the Department of Defense (US). Professor Solà also collaborates with the Sports Institute (UAB) in the analysis of incentives and behavior in sports organizations.

Carles Sola Belda (College of Staten Island Website)

Heidi Bertels - Management

Dr. Bertels' research interests are in entrepreneurship, innovation management, and creativity. She has an established research record with publications in high-quality business journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Management and Organization Review, Research-Technology Management, International Journal of Innovation Management, Journal of Management Education, Case Research Journal, and The CASE Journal as well as chapter publications in The PDMA Handbook of New Product Development. She has given over 40 presentations at national and international conferences and serves on the Board of the Eastern Academy of Management and the CASE Association.

Heidi Bertels (College of Staten Island Website)

Paolo Cappellari - Management

His research focuses on the effective management, interpretation, and utilization of static and streaming big data, with specific attention to the study and transformation of schemas and data from one model to another, keyword search over semantic datasets, and data management in sensor networks.

Paolo Cappellari (College of Staten Island Website)

Soon Ae Chun - Information Systems and Informatics

Dr. Chun's research interests include Security and Privacy, Semantic Web, Data and Process Integration, Social Data Analytics and Workflow. Dr. Chun's current research projects include the policy issues in the smart cities, the development of a cyber security ontology and a Linked Data of multi-modal cybersecurity educational data, and research on social data integration and analytics in the Healthcare domain. Her research has been sponsored by NSF, NOAA and New Jersey State Agency and CUNY PSC.

Soon Ae Chun (College of Staten Island Website)

Kristin Mammen - Economics

Understanding the role of the family in creating and marshalling economic resources therefore provides critical insights to social scientists and policymakers working to improve the lot of women and children in society. Dr. Mammen has used micro data to study a range of family constellations in a variety of settings, including polygamous and extended families in Africa, and nuclear, father-absent, and older-couple families in the United States.

Kristin Mammen (College of Staten Island Website)

Lisa Manne - Biology

Dr. Manne is an ecologist and a biogeographer, with a strong interest in conservation. Why are species located in some places and not others? The answer is related to evolutionary history, environmental tolerances, resource availability, and competitive or predatory interactions with other species, among other things. 

Lisa Manne (College of Staten Island Website)

Lauren Bock Mullins - Management

Professor Mullins teaches and conducts research in management, with a focus on public management, equity, and work/family issues in organizations.

Lauren Bock Mullins (College of Staten Island Website)

Jonathan Peters - Finance

Dr. Peters conducts research in the areas of geospatial analysis, historic trails and roads, regional planning, road and mass transit financing, corporate and public sector performance metrics, social justice, capital costs and performance management. 

Jonathan Peters (College of Staten Island Website)

HyoungSuk Shim - Economics 

He specializes in large-scale statistical computing that enhances statistical analysis of big data on a high performance computing system, and general econometric methods (time series and panel data analysis).

HyoungSuk Shim (College of Staten Island Website)

George Vachadze -Economics

Before joining CSI, Dr. Vachadze worked at the Bielefeld Graduate School of Economics and Management (BiGSEM), where he did his post-graduate studies in economics under the guidance of Professor Volker Bohm. Dr. Vachadze's current research and teaching interests include international economics, finance, development, and growth.

George Vachadze (College of Staten Island Website)

Richard Veit - Biology

Professor Veit is broadly interested in the ecology of birds, with special emphasis on the foraging behavior of seabirds and the long-distance dispersal and vagrancy of birds in general.  Dr. Veit’s students work on a variety of topics in ecology, behavior, and conservation of vertebrate animals.

Richard Veit (College of Staten Island Website)

William Wallace- Biology

The goal of our research is to link chemical and physiological interactions within metal-contaminated aquatic ecosystems to alterations at several levels of biological organization. As such, our research draws on the fields of chemistry, toxicology, physiology, cellular/molecular biology, and ecology to understand the fate and effects of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. 

William Wallace (College of Staten Island Website)

Bryan Weber- Economics

His research interests include transportation, crime, and the intersection of the two. Much of his work on crime, particularly work on terrorism, is done with the support of the START Center at the University of Maryland.

Bryan Weber (College of Staten Island Website)

Simone Wegge - Economics

Professor Wegge’s research focuses primarily on improving our understanding of historical migration processes. A second and new area of research consists of the comparative analysis of child labor incidence across industrializing countries in nineteenth-century Europe. Both topics concern nineteenth-century Europe, in particular Germany and draw on various literatures in economics, economic history, history, and other social sciences.

Simone Wegge (College of Staten Island Website) Student Research

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