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Sustainability Across the Curriculum

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Courses with Sustainability Component*: Sustainably related courses can help student better understand the social, economic and environmental extents of sustainability challenge and solutions.  CSI currently doesn’t offer Sustainability courses but it offers courses that has a sustainability component. These courses engage students in making connections between the main topic of the course and how it relates to sustainability.

  • Bio 180  General Biology II
  • Bio 181 General Biology II Laboratory
  • Bio 213 Vertebrate Zoology
  • Bio 230 Marine Biology and Oceanography
  • Bio 322 Evolution
  • Bio 360 Ecology


  • Geg 250 Conservation and Humanity

Media Culture

  • COM 425 Media Regulations on Electronic Waste

Political Science

  • POL 261 International Organizations
  • POL 364 International Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • POL 323 Public Policy Analysis

*Courses are added on a continuous basis as they are evaluated by department chairs.