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Know Your Campus

The CSI Ferry Shuttle Bus

  • CSI has 25 bike racks located at each academic and administration building.
  • CSI’s on campus transportation (Loop Bus) operates along the loop road with 7 stops near academic and administration buildings on campus and have had a total of 1.9 million riders since 2011.The Loop buses has an average 229,000 riders on weekdays and 11,000 riders on the weekends.  Loop bus’s average daily ridership is 679 passengers.
  • The CSI Ferry Shuttle was established in 2009 and it has had over 3 million riders traveling between St. George Ferry terminal and CSI Campus. The Ferry Shuttle offers direct service to the college opposed to local transportation and an average daily ridership of 800 passengers. In addition, the peak ridership for the Ferry Shuttle reached over 52,000 riders in October 2014.
  • CSI also offers Accessibility transportation services for students in need and had an average annual ridership of 4,400 riders.

Did You Know?

S93 NYC Bus

  • The S93 limited service runs between 86th Street and 4th Avenue Brooklyn and to the College of Staten Island. The S93 is among the primary transit connection between Staten Island and Brooklyn which, contributes to the steadily increasing ridership each year to about 3,700 riders between of 2016-2018, to an annual ridership of over 4,000 in 2019.
  • The S93 has been dropping of students on campus in front of 1A since 2013 but once all day service was established ridership increased dramatically. Ridership almost doubled in 5 years between 2014-2019.
  • With an enrollment of nearly 12,000 students — and about 3,400 parking spaces — the combined ridership of individuals coming to campus via bus service is about 2,000 individuals per day.

Get Involved

On your Campus:

  • Walk to meetings/class on campus
  • Attend virtual meetings/class
  • Telecommute

In the office:

  • Carpool to meetings/lunch with colleagues (follow CDC guidelines)
  • Walk to the cafeteria and eat lunch on campus

Where you live:

  • Group your errands together by location
  • Walk or bike to stores/ appointments
  • Take public transportation or ride your bike