The Associate in Science in Engineering Science (AS in ENS) program prepares students for continuation to the 4-year ABET-accredited BS programs in Engineering Science and/or Electrical Engineering at the College of Staten Island. To prepare our students for these BS programs, we are offering two concentrations in the AS ENS program namely: Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Students can choose from either one of these to better prepare for the 4-year program transition.

In addition, AS in ENS can be a degree that helps students get that first professional job in the Engineering industry. The very comprehensive 60-credit curriculum requirement produces well-rounded graduates in the field.

Contact Information

Neo Antoniades, PhD
Professor and Chairman
Building 1N Room 226A
Phone : 718.982.3291
Fax : 718.982.2830
Email Neo Antoniades, PhD

The program seeks to award an AS in Engineering Science to students that either want to get a 2-year degree en route to a job in the industry or are now exploring their options in Engineering and want to get a better feel of the Mechanical, Electrical or Computer Engineering options before they decide on a transition to the 4-year ABET-accredited Engineering programs in our department.
The AS in Engineering Scince has the following Educational Objectives:

  1. Applying and enrolling in a Baccalaureate program in one of the Engineering disciplines
  2. Conducting themselves in a responsible, professional, and ethical manner and taking advantage of their broad-based engineering education to make contributions in their chosen fields

For a list of degree requirements, see Catalog

For 2 year sample degree plans see (Contact Engineering and Environmental Science Department to request alternative access to these documents):