The Associate in Science in Engineering Science (AS in ENS) program prepares students for continuation to the 4-year ABET-accredited BS programs in Engineering Science and/or Electrical Engineering at the College of Staten Island. To prepare our students for these BS programs, we are offering two concentrations in the AS ENS program namely: Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Students can choose from either one of these to better prepare for the 4-year program transition.

In addition, AS in ENS can be a degree that helps students get that first professional job in the Engineering industry. The very comprehensive 60-credit curriculum requirement produces well-rounded graduates in the field.

Contact Information

Neo Antoniades, PhD
Professor and Chairman
Building 1N Room 226A
Phone : 718.982.3291
Fax : 718.982.2830
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PROGRAM GOALS: The program seeks to award an AS in Engineering Science to students that either want to get a 2-year degree en route to a job in the industry or are now exploring their options in Engineering and want to get a better feel of the Mechanical, Electrical or Computer Engineering options before they decide on a transition to the 4-year ABET-accredited Engineering programs in our department.
The students are asked to:

  1. Make career advancements into the engineering profession by applying the common fundamentals of science and engineering and the multidisciplinary nature of all these fields
  2. Be engaged in developing creative solutions and designs for contemporary engineering problems

For a list of degree requirements, see Catalog

For 2 year sample degree plans see (Contact Engineering and Environmental Science Department to request alternative access to these documents):