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Engineering and Environmental Science

Virtual Infosession: AS and BS in Engineering Science, BS and ME in Electrical Engineering, BS in Earth and Environmental Science

Mar 22 6pm - 7pm 

CSI is the only college on Staten Island, the second institution within The City University of New York (CUNY), and one of only a few in the greater metropolitan area offering an ABET-accredited Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering (BSEE). Learn about exciting areas of study, such as fiberoptic technologies, high-speed data transmission, signal processing, information theory, coding theory, and distributed systems. 

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Engineering and Environmental Science Department (Electrical Engineering) was ranked in the top 25 of affordable programs by greatvaluecolleges:

Engineering and Environmental Science Department Overview

Neo Antoniades

The department offers programs leading to the Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering, Engineering

Science, Earth and Environmental Science and Earth and Environmental Science K-12. The Associates in Science degree in Engineering Science is also offered by the department. The BS degrees in Engineering Science and Electrical Engineering are both accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, The department also offers the Masters in Engineering in Electrical Engineering (ME EE) as well as the Masters of Science in Environmental Science (MS ESC). 


We actively work with an Industry Advisory Board for each of our programs who are leaders in their respective engineering fields and provide valuable feedback for our programs and curriculum.  This ensures that our graduates are not only job ready, but also have the skills necessary to succeed in the highly technical and fast paced world of engineering.


Mission Statement

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See full Research page for the list of research groups and exciting ongoing research projects here at CSI.

electronics lab  in department of Engineering and Environmental Science

Two labs, fully stocked with 10 student stations each, a full ensemble of measurement and testing equipment, breadboards, oscilloscopes, microcontrollers and debugging hardware.  These labs are heavily utilized by courses such as ENS221, ENS241, ENS342, ENS362, ENS464.

communications lab in department of engineering science

Our communications lab contains state of the art equipment for telecommunications, fiber optics, networking, and systems labs.  Courses ran in this room include, ENS439, ENS415, ENS466.

power lab in department of Engineering and Environmental Science

Our Power Lab is one of a kind in New York City.  The LabVolt test benches allow our students to get hands-on training with "high voltage" systems, transmission lines, transformers, motors, and generators.  Courses taught in this lab include ENS436, and ENS441.

geology lab in department of Engineering and Environmental Science

Our Environmental Science lab has 12 computer stations, chemical handling capabilities, and several high powered microscopes for viewing samples.  Courses taught in this room are GEO101, GEO103, GEO107, GEO112, GEO116.

mechanics lab in department of Engineering and Environmental Science

Our Applied Mechanics Lab has several mechanical systems, outfitted with data acquisition to allow students to take real world sensor data, and analyze it on one of the 4 high powered work stations in the lab.  Courses taught in this room are ENS459, ENS471.

fabrication lab in department of Engineering and Environmental Science

Our Fabrication Lab gives our students the ability to use real machine-shop tools and equipment to design, create, and fabricate their projects.  Students work with professors / technicians on drill presses, band saws, and 3D printers.  Courses which utilize this room are ENS491, ENS492.

Computer Science / Engineering Science and Physics Building
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contact

Neo Antoniades, PhD

Professor and Chairperson

Email Neo Antoniades, PhD

Marie Gomes

Administrative Assistant

Email Marie Gomes