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Engineering and Environmental Science Department Overview

Neo Antoniades, PhD; Professor and Chairperson, Engineering and Environmental Science DepartmentThe department offers programs leading to the Bachelors degrees in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science, Earth and Environmental Science and Earth and Environmental Science K-12. The Associates in Science degree in Engineering Science is also offered by the department. The BS degrees in Engineering Science and Electrical Engineering are both accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, The department also offers the Masters in Engineering in Electrical Engineering (ME EE) as well as the Masters of Science in Environmental Science (MS ESC). 


We actively work with an Industry Advisory Board for each of our programs who are leaders in their respective engineering fields and provide valuable feedback for our programs and curriculum.  This ensures that our graduates are not only job ready, but also have the skills necessary to succeed in the highly technical and fast paced world of engineering.


Mission Statement

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Engineering and Environmental Science Faculty and Staff

Full Time Faculty

Last First EMAIL
Albishara  Sami 
Alnajjar Fuad
Amaach  Noureddin 
Ayers Michael
Carlucci  Rocco 
Ciaccio Phillip
Curulli  Albert 
DeAngelo  Valerie 
Duffy  Jim 
Harone  Imad 
Ivanova  Marie 
Johnson  Edward 
Jovanovic  Vladimir 
Khalil Ahmad
Kolkas  Mossbah 
Marinello  James 
McCall  Rosemary 
Noerling  Carolann 
Peiris  Sasanthi 
Poster Lauren
Rddad  Larbi 
Rodberg  Thomas 
Salzillo Andrew
Seijo Giovanni
Simonetti Anthony
Torres Jose
Tramontano  Samantha
Wallace William

Office Administration

Marie Gomes  
Jennifer Testa 
Michele Pignalosa


College Lab Technician

Tracy Campbell  
Matthew Miller    
Victoria Rivelli     
Raven Fakoya    


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Computer Science / Engineering Science and Physics Building
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contact

Neo Antoniades, PhD
Professor and Chairperson
Phone : 718.982.2824
Email Neo Antoniades, PhD
Marie Gomes
Administrative Assistant
Phone : 718.982.2825
Email Marie Gomes
Michele Pignalosa
Administrative Assistant
Phone : 718.982.2827
Email Michele Pignalosa