Rupal Gupta

Gupta, Rupal Assistant Professor

Rupal Gupta is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry department and a member of the Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics PhD programs at the CUNY Graduate Center.  Dr. Gupta is interested in studying human antimicrobial proteins using biophysical and spectroscopic methodologies.  Memebers of the Gupta lab are investigating both the processes

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Aleksandar Haber

Haber, Aleksandar Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Control theory and optimization, parameter estimation and system identification, network dynamics and nonlinear systems, dynamical systems, adaptive optics, numerical analysis, linear algebra, combustion chemistry, numerical methods for partial differential equations, large-scale control and estimation problems.

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Joel David Hamkins

Hamkins, Joel David Professor

Professor Hamkins has been at CUNY since 1995, as Professor of Mathematics at the College of Staten Island of CUNY and as Professor of Mathematics, Professor of Philosophy, and Professor of Computer Science on the doctoral faculty at the CUNY Graduate Center.  He has held various visiting and distinguished research fellowship Read more..
Carol Hartman

Hartman, Carol Lecturer

Carol Hartman specializes in Medical Technology, including the fields of clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and transfusion medicine. She has worked in several area hospital laboratories, and supervised a private hematology/oncology laboratory practice. She then earned the Clinical Coordinator position of Point of Care testing at Richmond University Medical Center. Her Read more..
Qiao-Sheng Hu

Hu, Qiao-Sheng Professor

Dr. Hu’s research is multi-disciplinary including transition metal catalysis, organocatalysis, novel macromolecule synthesis and bioactive compound synthesis is undergoing in my laboratory. Transition metal-catalyzed and organic compound-catalyzed C-C and C-X (X = O, N, etc) bond formations are among the most powerful transformations in organic synthesis and related fields. Development

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Zheng (Zeno) Huang

Huang, Zheng (Zeno) Professor

Dr. Huang is interested in geometric analysis and hyperbolic geometry.

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Yumei Huo

Huo, Yumei Associate Professor

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Abdeslem El Idrissi

Idrissi, Abdeslem El Professor

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Susan Imberman

Imberman, Susan Associate Professor

Susan Imberman, a professor of Computer Science at the college, has taught here since 1986. She is known for her infusion of low platform intelligent robots into the computer science curriculum.  Students are introduced to robots from their very first computer science course.  In Professor Imberman's Artificial Intelligence course, students build robots

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Professor Xin Jiang

Jiang, Xin Associate Professor

Dr. Jiang's current research focuses on advanced modulation techniques and high speed data transmission over glass fiber and plastic fiber.

Dr. Jiang engages in research and development in optical fiber communications and data communications over twenty years and has extensive experiences in R&D of advanced optical transmission systems. Her research areas cover from optical

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