Deborah Franzblau

Franzblau, Deborah Associate Professor

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Gunter Fuchs

Fuchs, Gunter Associate Professor

Professor Li Ge

Ge, Li Associate Professor

Before joining CSI in 2013, Professor Ge was a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.  He received his PhD in Physics from Yale University in 2010, and his thesis focused on laser physics in complex and disordered media, including wave-chaotic lasers and random lasers. He

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Sarang Gopalakrishnan

Gopalakrishnan, Sarang Assistant Professor

Research interests: theoretical quantum many-body physics. Dynamics far from equilibrium; chaos and pattern formation; interactions between light and collective states of matter. Read more..
Anatoliy Gordonov

Gordonov, Anatoliy Assistant Professor

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Anshel Gorokhovsky

Gorokhovsky, Anshel Professor

Areas of Interest

Optical properties and structure of solids and defects. Electron–lattice interaction. High resolution optical, laser, hole-burning and site selection spectroscopy. Ultrafast time resolved and coherent spectroscopy. Raman characterization of materials. Optical storage and optical communications.

Project Themes

Optical centers in diamond. Single center and single photon optical emitters.  Spectral hole-burning materials

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Feng Gu

Gu, Feng Associate Professor

Dr. Feng Gu is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at College of Staten Island, The City University of New York. He received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from China University of Mining and Technology and M.S. degree in information systems from Beijing Institute of Machinery. He obtained

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Jianying Gu

Gu, Jianying Assistant Professor

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Natacha Gueorguieva

Gueorguieva, Natacha Professor

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Rupal Gupta

Gupta, Rupal Assistant Professor

Rupal Gupta is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry department and a member of the Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics PhD programs at the CUNY Graduate Center.  Dr. Gupta is interested in studying human antimicrobial proteins using biophysical and spectroscopic methodologies.  Memebers of the Gupta lab are investigating both the processes

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