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Division of Science & Technology

Welcome to the Division of Science and Technology at the College of Staten Island. The Division is home to a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and staff members, lecturers and faculty members, all of whom accept a single simple idea: that scientific truth is something we discover together through painstaking effort, trial and error, and critical analysis.

The people who lead this Division invite you to share their passion for seeking the truth through guided exploration and discovery, scholarship and original research. They are dedicated teachers who can motivate and challenge you to understand the scientific method and employ it to solve real world problems. They are researchers who are hard at work attacking cutting-edge problems in areas as diverse as abstract mathematics, information and communications technologies, quantum chemistry, materials fabrication, biotechnology, and environmental science. They seek your participation, questions, creativity, hard work, and enthusiasm, as their work benefits from your input.

We know that good ideas need to flourish if we are to solve the challenging problems of tomorrow. That is why we value an inclusive institution, seeking open-minded students, deeply committed to diversity, cultural understanding, and civic engagement.

Our explorations are made possible by the continued support and participation of alumni, friends, students and parents, as well as corporations and foundations. Their support helps the Division to move forward and set new standards of excellence in research, teaching and engagement within a rapidly changing, complex world.

We invite you to explore our departments and programs and discover the many opportunities for discovery available at the College of Staten Island.

Division of Science & Technology

Dr. Ralf Peetz

Dean of Science and Technology

Building 1A , Room 313


The Division of Science and Technology includes the following departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering and Environmental Science, Physics and Astronomy, and Mathematics.