ASAP|ACE Program Supports

CSI ASAP|ACE Student Advising

Much more than just course registration: Advising is Teaching: Guided by the core values and principles of NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) and NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), we believe that academic Advising is a learning activity and an ongoing conversation.  The entire ASAP|ACE Advising Team is dedicated to supporting students’ academic success through our personalized, holistic, proactive, high-touch, and learning-centered advising model.  In addition to assisting with enrollment and removing college- roadblocks, the dedicated advisor serves as the student’s primary mentor, supporter, and advocate to help you make sense and meaning of your undergraduate experience.

The ASAP|ACE Student Advising team is committed to supporting students by:

  • Helping students develop a meaningful academic and educational plan that meets their personal, professional, and timely graduation goals.
  • Fostering an encouraging and supportive environment, while offering academic mentorship and college-navigational skills.
  • Guiding discussions about students’ passions, strengths, and goals, in relation to their academic, career and personal pursuits.
  • Connecting students to key resources and partnerships that will inspire further academic, intellectual, and personal growth.
  • Collaborating with ASAP|ACE Career Development, Student Engagement, Academic Support Teams in a coordinated fashion to provide a seamless holistic support network.
  • Encouraging solution-driven strategies to overcome academic and personal challenges.
  •  Facilitating students’ skill development (e.g. time-management, goal-setting, decision-making, etc.) that are essential to their academic and personal success.

CSI ASAP|ACE Career Development

Career Development is the process of choosing a career pathway, setting goals, and developing career competencies to bring you closer toward your intended job, skillset, and lifestyle. From program entry to graduation, we will support you in developing essential skills and college-and-career competencies.  All ASAP|ACE students will participate in a career development activity/event facilitated by our in-house Career Specialist or colleagues in the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) every semester.

Guided by the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) competency framework, the ASAP|ACE Team develops, coordinates, and supports career development and learning activities. During your time in ASAP|ACE, you will develop and build on eight competency areas, which are deemed essential for career readiness, life preparedness, and academic achievement.

ASAP|ACE Career Development is committed to supporting students with:

  • Exploring, identifying, and solidifying their intended career path.
  • Helping students chart a career development plan, focusing on learning and pre-professional opportunities (e.g. internship, undergraduate research, community and campus engagement, etc.) that will prepare them for a meaningful and fulfilling career.
  • Building their career competencies that are deemed essential by NACE.
  • Recognizing and articulating the alignment between academic and career pursuits.

CSI ASAP|ACE Student Engagement and Academic Support

Working in concert with the ASAP|ACE Advising Team, the Student Engagement Team supports students by connecting them to academic enrichment and support resources, on-campus and off-campus activities, and extra- and co-curricular activities that help you make the best of your college experience.  We are committed to promoting a culture of support and a sense of belonging to ASAP|ACE and to the larger CSI community.

College is much more than just going to classes and hitting the books!  Think of us as those people who cheer you on and give you the energy drinks along the marathon route—in this case, on your academic journey.  We are here to help you create a memorable college experience in a community filled with fun, learning, and growth. 

ASAP|ACE works in partnership with offices/programs at CSI, as well as the CUNY Central Office, to support our students’ academic, personal, and pre-professional growth, including:

Programs of Study & ASAP|ACE-Supported Majors

ASAP|ACE at CSI support all majors offered at the College, except for nursing. If the program in which you are interested in pursuing is not listed below, please contact us for more information.

  • The Associate in Arts (AA) in Liberal Arts & Sciences maps to the following Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), or Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree programs:
    • African and African Diaspora Studies (BA)
    • American Studies (BA)
    • Art (BA)*
    • Art (BFA)*
    • Cinema Studies (BA)*
    • Communications (BS)*
    • Drama (BS)
    • Economics (BA)
    • Economics (BS)*
    • English (BA)*
    • English (7-12) (BA)*
    • Geography (BA)
    • History (BA)
    • History (7-12) (BA)
    • Italian Studies (BA)
    • Italian Studies (7-12) (BA)
    • International Studies (BA)
    • Music (BA)
    • Music (BS)*
    • Philosophy (BA)
    • Philosophy and Political Science (BA)
    • Political Science (BA)
    • Psychology (BA)
    • Psychology (BS)
    • Science, Letters, and Society: Early Childhood (Birth-2) (BA)
    • Science, Letters, and Society: Childhood (1-6) (BA)
    • Social Work (BS)
    • Sociology/Anthropology (BA)
    • Spanish (BA)
    • Spanish (7-12) (BA)
    • Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (BA)
  • The Associate in Arts (AS) in Liberal Arts & Sciences maps to the following Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree programs:
    • Biochemistry (BS)
    • Biology (BS)*^
    • Biology 7-12 (BS)*
    • Chemistry (BS)
    • Chemistry (7-12) (BS)
    • Computer Science/Mathematics (BS)^
    • Computer Science (BS)^
    • Earth Science (7-12) (BS)
    • Earth and Environmental Science (BS)
    • Mathematics (BS)
    • Medical Technology (BS)
    • Physics (BS)*
    • Physics (7-12) (BS)
  • The Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Business with specializations in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing maps to the following Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree programs:
    • Accounting (BS)
    • Information Systems and Informatics (BS)
    • Business: Finance (BS)
    • Business: International Business (BS)
    • Business: Management (BS)
    • Business: Marketing (BS)
  • The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Computer Technology maps to the following Bachelor of Science (BS):
    • Computer Science/Mathematics (BS)^
    • Computer Science (BS)^
  • The Associate in Science in Engineering Science (AS) maps to the following Bachelor of Science (BS) programs:
    • Engineering Science: Computer Engineering Specialization (BS)^
    • Engineering Science: Electrical Engineering Specialization (BS)^
    • Engineering Science: Mechanical Engineering Specialization (BS)^
    • Electrical Engineering (BS)^


All degree programs designated with a ‘*’ above, have a detailed specialization or concentration. For comprehensive information on all undergraduate programs, visit the CSI Undergraduate Catalog.

Programs designated with a ‘^’ may require more than 120 credits for graduation.  Students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog for more information on program prerequisites (e.g. mathematics readiness, pre-professional sequence, etc.) and any special admission requirements.  Students will work closely with their dedicated advisor and faculty mentor to strategically plan their course of study to ensure timely degree completion.