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Tutoring has begun! Come on by and let us help you with your Math and English needs.

SEEK Food Pantry

9AM - 5PM
Building 1A, Room 112

Free Workshops for SEEK Students:

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SEEK Program
Building 1A, Room 112
Phone : 718.982.2410

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Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM

Welcome to the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program

Stefanie Gardiner, The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program Director

SEEK is a higher education opportunity program offered through the City University of New York. It is a program designed for students who have the potential to do well in college, but would benefit from enhanced academic support and financial assistance. The SEEK Program at CSI provides access to college, and promotes academic success and personal achievement through an array of counseling and other support services. We accept between 150 and 200 new students per year. 

The SEEK Program staff is dedicated to helping students reach their highest level of success, both academically and professionally. Since 1976, CSI's SEEK Program has graduated thousands of goal-oriented and talented students. It is a program that is committed to each of its students, from the first day of college to the last – and beyond.

Why Join the SEEK Program?

The SEEK Program provides a place at the College of Staten Island where you will find:

  • Helpful counselors and staff
  • Help with the financial aid application process
  • Enhanced financial assistance
  • Personalized services and academic support in our Learning Center
  • Free academic and other workshops
  • In-depth career building opportunities
  • Computer facilities with technical assistance
  • Exciting leadership training
  • Opportunities for many SEEK special projects and a national honor society
  • And more . . .