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SEEK Academic Advising and Counseling

About SEEK Academic Advising and Counseling:

The SEEK Program knows that adjusting to, and succeeding in college can be a challenging journey. Therefore, all SEEK students are assigned an academic student support specialist with whom they meet frequently during the first year and beyond. Counselors welcome new students into the SEEK family, and lead our first-semester “Freshman Orientation” course (SKO 100).

Continuing throughout students’ years at CSI, they provide individual guidance about:

  • college life and opportunities
  • undergraduate education, course planning and majors
  • career goals and options 
  • academic progress and problems
  • post-graduate planning  
  • financial and other personal challenges

Also counselors help students, in both individual and workshop sessions, to improve or develop important life skills such as:

  • time management
  • stress management
  • goal setting
  • problem solving and decision making

SEEK Counselor Responsibilities:

SEEK Counselors assist students with the transition to college life by providing academic advisement & career guidance.

  • Teach the SEEK Freshmen Orientation Class- SKO 100
  • Provide information regarding College and SEEK Program policies, procedures and requirements
  • Provide information & assistance in applying for scholarships, internships & employment.
  • Conduct various workshops, groups & social events throughout the semester.

Whether you have a question about your educational journey and advisement or need assistance with understanding something on CUNYfirst, your counselor will serve as your coach to empower you with the knowledge that you need to achieve your goals here at CSI.

Counselors are available for appointments between 9-5pm, Monday through Friday. 

We are using the Navigate system to schedule appointments.  If you are having trouble with Navigate, you can also request an appointment through the Virtual Office or by sending an email to

Academic Progress and Priority Registration:

A great benefit of the SEEK program is receiving Priority Registration.  SEEK recognizes that securing a class schedule that supports a student’s life can ensure success. 

Spring Advisement begins OCTOBER 1st

Fall Advisement begins MARCH 1st

Expectations and Requirements of SEEK Students:

The partnership between SEEK students and their counselors is crucial to personal and academic development while in college. Contact requirements differ based on a student’s academic standing.

  • Freshmen: must meet with their SEEK Counselor 2x per month.
  • Continuing students: must meet with their SEEK Counselor 1x per month.

SKO 100 Freshmen Seminar Course:

Taught by SEEK staff SKO 100 is a course for incoming SEEK freshmen designed to facilitate the First Year Experience. SKO 100 meets once a week for two hours during the fall semester of each academic year. The curriculum offers an introduction to campus life, campus services and SEEK services. Workshops such as Time Management, Study Skills, and Note-Taking are discussed to complement the curriculum. A major theme throughout is a focus on the responsibility of each student for their academic success and future goals.

An Educational Action Plan (EAP) is utilized as a blueprint toward the creation of a Vision Board of post college life in a public speaking presentation by the students as the final for the SKO 100 course. SEEK students who successfully complete the SKO 100 class are exempt from having to complete CLUE credits which are college sponsored activities held outside of the classroom.  A total of 4 CLUE units (2 PG CLUEs and 2 CC CLUEs) are to be completed once 12 equated credits are earned in order to avoid a registration hold on their CUNY First account

How to make an appointment with Your SEEK Counselor

The SEEK Office uses EAB Navigate as both a scheduling and an academic progress tool to assist students with connecting with their SEEK Counselors.  We encourage students to download the App or use the desktop link which can be found on the on the CSI website.

SEEK Counselors also have a direct scheduling link that can be used for easy appointment making.  SEEK students are assigned SEEK Counselors when they join SEEK at CSI.

Preparing for Counseling Appointment

SEEK Workshops & Social Events:

Personal development is an integral part of a student’s academic success.  SEEK offers numerous workshops and social events throughout the year to assist students in exploring their personal interests and provide guidance. As a program requirement, SEEK students must attend 3 SEEK sponsored Workshops and Social Events each semester.

Examples of workshops and events are:

  • Welcome Back Social
  • Resiliency: Creating a Virtual Vision Board
  • Midterm Madness
  • SEEK Awards Assembly
  • Preparing for Midterms
  • Effective Research Techniques
  • College VS Grad School: What I Should Expect & How to Write a Great Personal Statement

**Most SEEK Workshops & Events are CLUE Certified**