What is the SEEK Learning Center?

The SEEK Learning Center (SLC) is an academic support center designed to help students maximize their academic potential. The SLC offers individual tutoring and group workshops to help students make the transition to college level courses and requirements, strengthen needed skills, deal with challenging courses and assignments, learn tips and strategies for writing papers, doing research and more. Outside of the Learning Center, staff members also work with students in SEEK freshman orientation courses.

Where is the SEEK Learning Center, and what are its hours of operation?

The SEEK Learning Center (SLC) is located in Building 1A, Room 108. Services take place on Monday - Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM. Other times may be arranged by special request under certain circumstances. Telephone: 718.982.2412.

Who participates in the Learning Center?

Enrollment in the Learning Center is recommended for all freshmen; therefore, freshmen are given priority status when scheduling sessions with tutors. However, SEEK students of all class standings are welcomed and encouraged to use the Center’s services. In addition, tutoring is required of students on Academic Probation or on Academic Warning, and/or for students with unsatisfied Assessment Test requirements. Any SEEK student may choose to attend SLC workshops, get help with assignments or study in the Center.

Do students need to sign up for services?

Applications to request tutoring are available in the SLC in Building 1A, Room 108, and in the SEEK Counseling Office in Building 1A, Room 112, or call 718.982.2412. Once a student fills out an application, he or she receives a letter from the SLC and a phone call from his or her tutor. Tutorial assistance begins soon afterwards. Workshop notices, titles and schedules are posted in advance to allow students to plan ahead. Workshops and other services are available on a walk-in basis.

What is the SLC Computer Lab?

The SEEK Program has its own computer laboratory in the SEEK Learning Center (Building 1A, Room 108). Trained lab technicians staff the facilities. The lab's technological features include: Internet access, interactive instructional software, word processing, database and spreadsheet software, e-mail, and a host of other resources that are constantly being updated and upgraded to keep pace with modern technology. In addition to our lab technicians, members of the tutorial staff are also able to assist students in their use of the facilities, and periodic training workshops are provided for students who wish to build their computer skills. The Computer Lab is open Monday - Friday from 9AM – 5PM.