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SEEK Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the general frequently asked questions about SEEK. The Program requirements has not changed.  Students must meet the academic criteria and then submit information for the income eligibility.  

Eligibility Requirements:

Financial Assistance:

Program Requirements:



Eligibility Requirements

Q: What is the process to get accepted into the SEEK Program?
A: In order to get into SEEK you must first get accepted into CSI and accept the offer of admission.  Academically eligible students are sent an email inviting them to learn more about SEEK by filling out an interest form.  Once the form is completed- SEEK will send the student an email with the links to attend an information session.  After attending the information session the student submits the appropriate documents to determine eligibility.  Student is then invited to Registration Appointment. 

Q: When should I submit my application and supporting financial documents?  
  A: SEEK is accepting students on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Application to SEEK are due no later than May 1st. Documents should be submitted within 2 weeks of attending an information session or as soon as possible. 

Q: How can I submit my SEEK Application?
  A: There are 3 ways a student can submit the application. Please include your full name, CUNYID# and SEEK Program Application when submitting your documents. 

Additional information about submitting the SEEK application and necessary documents can be found on the website

Q: I am a transfer student can I still apply to SEEK? 
  A: Students transferring from another educational opportunity program must submit the special programs form to determine eligibility for the program. Only students enrolled in New York State, EOP, HEOP, College Discovery or SEEK are allowed to transfer into the SEEK Program at CSI. The form must be completed by the school that you are transferring from.  

Q: How do I commit to the College of Staten Island? 
  A: Once you’ve decided that CSI is for you, please log into your CUNYfirst account and click on the Accept Your Offer button – these instructions are found in the communication from Admissions or you can contact Admissions if you are experiencing difficulty 

Q: Can someone join SEEK if they already have college credits? 
  A: SEEK is a program for first time freshmen or students who have transferred from HEOP, EOP or CD. Students entering with any pre-college credit such as College Now or AP credits can still join SEEK. 

Q: Are any majors excluded from SEEK eligibility? 
  A: No, at this time all majors are eligible for participation in the SEEK Program.  

Q: I am also eligible for ASAP program at your college, can I still be considered for SEEK? 
  A: Students may be selected for both programs; however, eligibility varies and once confirmed a student can only choose one program.  Students are not able to start in one program and switch to another. 

Q: What is the difference between SEEK and ASAP?  
  A: There are many benefits to both programs. The best way to find your fit is to attend a SEEK information session and meet with ASAP to decide which program is best for you.  

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Financial Assistance:

Q: What financial support does SEEK offer?

  • Two additional semesters of eligibility for New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), which covers up to the full cost of tuition 
  • stipends paid to students each semester 
  • awards to cover student fees 
  • assistance with the financial aid application process 

Q: Does SEEK cover housing? 
  A: SEEK does not cover the cost of housing. 

Q: Do I get a MetroCard? 
  A: SEEK does not provide MetroCards however, students can use their educational stipend to purchase. 

Q: Does SEEK provide a stipend to purchase books? 
  A: Yes, SEEK provides an educational stipend to students each semester that can be used to purchase books. 

Q: How will I receive my stipend? 
  A: Stipends can be Direct Deposited into an account (recommended) or sent via check. 

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my stipend? 
  A: In order for a stipend to be issued you must be registered fulltime and have your financial aid completed.  Stipends are provided at the start of the semester.  

Q: Does SEEK cover meal plans? 
  A: SEEK does not cover meal plans; however, there are many resources on campus, such as the CSI Food Pantry that provide food for students in need. 

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Program Requirements

Q: What are the requirements to maintain my SEEK status once I have been accepted to the Program? 
  A: Requirements vary throughout your time at CSI.  For your freshman year: 

  • Students must see their SEEK counselor twice a month.  
  • Students must attend three workshops throughout the semester.  
  • Students must attend the Learning Center once a week and complete an activity for one hour. 

Q: What if I don’t need academic assistance such as tutoring? 
  A: A common misconception is that academic assistance such as tutoring is only needed when a student is struggling in class. All SEEK students are required to attend tutoring once a week in their first year, to ensure their success in class.  We also provide academic workshops that can strengthen your academic profile such as time management and creating study habits. 

Q: What if my work or school schedule does not allow me to attend tutoring once a week? 
  A: Attending the mandatory counseling and tutoring sessions allow students to remain in the SEEK Program.  If you have a conflict, it is best to inform your counselor early so that a plan can be created for you. SEEK offers online tutoring as an alternative to ensure that all students stay in compliance with the program. 

Q: Can I be part-time (taking under 12 credits) and a SEEK student? 
  A: SEEK is a full-time program, which means you must take at least 12 credits each semester; however, SEEK students are allowed participate in one part-time semester. 

Q: Does SEEK cover graduate school? 
  A: SEEK provides access to the Graduate Opportunity Program.  The Graduate Opportunity Program provides partial tuition assistance to New York State Opportunity Program (EOP, HEOP, SEEK) graduates who are admitted to a graduate degree program at a participating SUNY campus. Financial support is contingent upon the availability of funding. 

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